That box is made for sitting.

Jeff and I shared a late meal at Tacos Mexicos and then watched the penultimate season finale of The Walking Dead. All of last night I dreamt that I was college professor working at a university. The overwhelming majority of people were zombies, but all were unaware that they were, well, dead. Those of us who weren’t zombies had to act is if we were zombies in order to not be detected and, well, consumed. For me, this meant eating rancid tacos. Huh?

I worked out at 11 this morning, and completed a WOD I’m considering programming at CFS, albeit modified and scaled. I will indeed follow my own programming. I will, however, need to scale up on occasion.

I call this one The Terrible Tens

10 RFT
10 ring pushups, rings 5” from floor
10 GHD sit-ups
10 barbell jumping air squats, 45# barbell
10 seated box jumps, 17” to 24” box
10 ring pull-ups

I had programmed pull-ups before box jumps but completed box jumps before pull-ups the first round so I continued to do so for remaining rounds.

Uhm, I had programmed pull-ups before box jumps so as to not have to do box jumps after jumping air squats and to not have to do pushups after pull-ups. Dammit. I shoulda looked at the whiteboard.

My goal, of course, was to complete all rounds of activities unbroken. I thought that pushups would be my downfall, as I completed far too many pushups, including HSPUs, throughout the day yesterday.

Ring pull-ups were instead my downfall! I only made it through 7 rounds unbroken, and completed the 8th and 9th rounds in reps of 7 & 3 and the last round in reps of 6, 2, 1, & 1.

Another goal was to complete in less than 30 minutes. I barely made it, finishing in 29:43.

In addition to ring pushups, GHD sit-ups and jumping air squats presented little challenge. Seated box jumps, on the other hand, nearly killed me. I made sure to complete unbroken, and this entailed beginning in a seated position on the 17” box, jumping onto the 24# box, immediately sitting after jumping off of the box, and immediately jumping once again. Make sense? Good. Going on.

This was one of the most difficult workouts that I’ve completed in quite some time.

I listened to the Henry Mancini Pandora playlist today. Songs included Theme from The Pink Panther, Love Story, Walk on By, and Theme from Love Story.


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