Musica Mejicana

Don't panic!
Don’t panic!

I’ve been watching the documentary “Jazz” by Ken Burns. I’ve never been a fan of Jazz, but I most certainly am now. However, I still am not a fan of Charlie Parker. Sorry! Duke, Fats, Louis, Brubaker, Goodman, yes. Bird, no.

I’ve been listening to jazz music as I work out. Today, however, I listened to the Pandora playlist “Musica Mejicana”. Why, you ask? Because the hallway construction is being completed, the panic door hardware installed, and the inspections commencing! The landlord, while not making any promises, feels confident that everything will be complete by Friday. This Friday. I made sure to ask.

A month later than I wanted, but I’m nonetheless happy.

Bench Press
Max weight 3 normal, 3 wide, 3 narrow grip

In other words, 9RM.

As I didn’t have a spotter, I didn’t truly establish maximum effort. I completed sets @ 95, 105, 115, & 125#, 70# of 1RM. I continue to enjoy bench pressing, and continue to grow stronger.

Row 500m
Then, 3 rounds of the following:
10 hang power cleans, 95#
10 forward barbell jump overs
10 lateral box jumps, 24#

Lots or arms and then lots of legs, which means lots of core.

My goal was to complete unbroken, and that’s what I did. This was quite an aerobically challenging workout. I completed in 7:01.

I almost forgot to mention: the orange door is being replaced with a much sturdier door.

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