Math sucks

Luke is a great watchdog!
Luke is a great watchdog!

Another incredible day at CFS!

Luke’s Aunt Sandra visited, and Luke greeted her with a full-on hug. He put his front paws on her shoulders, pressed his body against hers, and kissed her face. He’s such a good boy!

Jeff, Tyler, and Tyler’s friend, Patrick, completed 13.3 at CFS this afternoon. All did a great job. Patrick completed all 150 wall ball shots and 90 double unders – and then completed 9 muscle-ups! As Jeff was his judge, I didn’t get to witness his spectacularity. I just made up that word. I kinda like it. Say it out loud. Spectacularity. My very good friend, Rona (aka Rowna) captured everything digitally, and I’m looking very forward to seeing the splendiferous pictures she took.

Rona asked if she could take a few pictures of yours truly, although she didn’t ask me to take off my shirt. She had the opportunity. “Do a few muscle-ups!” she exclaimed. Well, okay! I did my first muscle-up and heard Patrick say, “Strict muscle-up.” I sometimes forget that I begin a set of muscle-ups with a strict muscle-up. Because I can.

High Bar Back Squat
Establish 3RM

I set my goal to lift 205#, 2# less than 90% of current 1RM of 230#. I warmed up and then placed 2, 10# plates on the ends of the bar (in addition to the 2, 45# plates) and lifted a set @ 155. I placed metal 10# plates on the ends of the bar and lifted a set @ 165. I removed both of the 10# plates (rubber and metal) from the ends of the bar and replaced them with a 25# plate on both ends for a total of 185# (or at least I thought I had). The weight felt heavy, and I struggled with last rep. “Shit,” I thought, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to lift 205.” I rested a minute or 2, and placed 5# plates on the ends of the bar for a total of 195#. The weight felt incredibly heavy, and I had to fight to complete the last rep. I thought, “If I were a coach watching this set I’d say, ‘That’s your 3 rep maximum. Don’t attempt a heavier weight.’”

I was quite disappointed. I really wanted to lift 3 reps at 205#.

I began to remove the plates from the bar – and realized that I only removed the metal 10# plates. Thus, my last 2 sets were 205# and 215#! I exceeded my goal. Ha!

I hate math.

205 is 93% of 1RM and 150% of my bodyweight.

2 minutes to complete max rep double unders
Rest 1 minute
Tabata 1
Abmat sit-ups
Lunges (each leg = 1 rep)
Alternate activities
Tabata 2
Mountain climbers (both legs = 1 rep)
Dumbbell push press, 35#
Alternate activties

I completed 136 double unders.

As with any Tabata, my goal was to match or exceed number of reps completed during first 20-second set.

12, 13, 13, & 13 Abmat sit-ups = 51
14, 15, 15, & 14 Lunges = 58
21 mountain climbers/round = 84
11, 11, 12, & 11 DB push presses = 45

Total = 238

Abmat sit-ups and lunges were easy compared to mountain climbers and push presses. I challenged myself by using 35# dumbbells for push presses. You guessed it; 70# is just 1# shy of half of my bodyweight. I managed to complete 12 push presses during the 3rd round and then told myself that I could complete just 10 reps the last round. Uhm, but my goal was to match or better each round, so I had to complete at least 11.

The most challenging part of the entire metcon was completing 21 mountain climbers the last 2 rounds. I was sweating profusely and quite out of breath.

This week, perhaps? I certainly hope so!

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  1. Um-mm, I didn’t know I had to ask to have you take your shirt off 😛 You taking your shirt off should be a given in my presence! LOL

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