3500m row & 60 bp

Luke wants to bench press. I need to train him to be my spotter.
Luke wants to bench press. I need to train him to be my spotter.

I had a loooooong talk with the landlord this morning. While I appreciate that he spent yesterday getting an HRC tattoo, I sure would like the damn panic doors installed. The plumbers were here briefly this morning, but apparently need yet another missing part for the water fountains. Uhm, there are no words. Actually, there are words, but this blog is rated PG-14.

I’ve been working on programming for when the box does indeed open. Initially the focus is doing to be on the basics: squats, dead-lifts, cleans, presses, snatches, etc. I do have a propensity for creating some challenging metcons, and this will continue. Tuesday and Saturday or Sunday will be devoted to a benchmark, hero, or lengthy WOD of my own creation.

Bench pressing continues to be a weakness of mine. After seeing this WOD posted on the main site I felt compelled to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed. I was, however, quite spanked.

Row 500m
30 bodyweight bench press
Row 1000m
20 bp
Row 2000m
10 bp

I warmed up and worked up to 140# for bench presses. Uhm, I’ve lost a few pounds and now weigh 141#. I like to think that I have common sense. Should I bench press without a spotter? Why, sure – if I don’t put clips on the bar. I also loaded the ends of the bar with a 25, two 10, and a 2.5# plate so that I could decrease the weight if needed. This may have been the smartest thing I’ve done in a very long time.

I rowed 500m in 1:55 and @ 22 strokes/minute. I pressed 4 and 3 reps @ 140# but as I was pressing 7th rep I had a vivid image of not being able to complete additional reps. I removed a 10 and the 2.5# plates from both ends, thus decreasing the weight to 115#. And that weight still felt heavy. I completed remaining reps in sets of no less than 3 reps, sitting up and stretching my arms after sets.

I kept thinking, “I don’t want to row 2k, yet I have to row 1k before even doing so.”

I rowed 2K in 3:58 again averaging 22 s/m. That’s consistency, folks. I completed the set of 20 presses in reps of no more than 5 and no less than 3. I was obsessing over the next row. “I can always break it into 4 reps of 500 meters.”

I managed to row the last 2k in 8:02, averaging just about 2 min/500m. Given how exhausted I felt, I’ll take that as a successful row. Uhm, I once again averaged 22 s/m. This tells me that, while my s/m remained consist, my power output decreased.

I completed the last set of 10 presses unbroken. This tells me that 115# was too light.

I finished in 21:31.

Tomorrow evening I’m going to be leading 2, 30-minutes sessions (6 and 6:30) about squatting technique at lululemon at Streets Southpoint. You should be there. Wear your lululemon exercise clothes.

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