This blog begins with an apology to Alexis.

My dearest Alexis, I had every intention of attending your birthday celebration at Tyler’s. I did arrive at Tyler’s at 8:45 and went to the poolroom to look for you and the group. Uhm, I had forgotten that there is more than one Tyler’s. I looked at the invitation and noticed that your festivities are taking place in Raleigh. I’m too old tired to drive that far. I shall consume a beer in your honor. I just did. I think I’ll have another.

I led a 3-hour Running Clinic at CFD this afternoon. After having led similar sessions at 908, Invoke, Zeal, and Brier Creek, I have this down to a science. I’d very much like to hear feedback from those of you who attended today’s session!

As I demonstrated pose running, running backward, running while jumping rope, etc., throughout the day, I feel like I did a double.

Jeff will be running the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon tomorrow, so he left for Wilmington late this morning. When he’s not here the house is very quiet, as I much prefer silence to having the TV or radio on for white noise.

This has allowed much time for quiet reflection. Read on.

I rested yesterday, although I did work on mobility. Luke and I had the box to ourselves today, so I decided to do the benchmark WOD “Angie.”

100 pull-ups
100 pushups
100 Abmat sit-ups
100 air squats

Although I couldn’t recall my times, nor did I look at this blog before working out to determine times, I knew that I had achieved a PR when I visited CF Fifth Avenue this past October. I just now reviewed my times for “Angie”:

October 2012, 15:45
January 2012, 16:12
April 2011, 19:30

I completed the WOD today in a time of 17:06. Here’s what I’ve been reflecting upon.

17:06 is not and is 1:21 slower than my fastest time. That’s significant. My strategy was to complete pull-ups in 3 sets of 10 reps, reps of 5 for as long as possible, than reps of 4, 3, 2, and 1 if needed. I did just that, and was completing in reps of 4 until about the 75th pull-ups. The only single I completed was the very last rep. I completed 100 pull-ups in a time of 6:56, and noted the time. I am confident that all pull-ups were completed with full ROM, as I didn’t allow myself to go to failure for any sets.

My strategy for pushups was to complete 3 rounds of 10 and then in reps of 5 for as long as possible. I did not, however, want to do any sets in less than 4 reps. I completed the first 30 in reps of 10 and the last 70 in reps of 5. Pushups felt awesome today, and both my chest and cheek touched the floor for each and every rep. 11:27 had passed; thus I completed 100 pushups in a time of 4:31 – and that includes transition time.

Abmat sit-ups and air squats went much better than planned, as I was able to complete both rounds of activities unbroken. Yes, 100 unbroken sit-ups and­ 100 unbroken air squats. I completed sit-ups in a time of 3:33 and air squats in a time of 2:06, again both times included transition time.

I have never completed sit-ups and or air squats unbroken when completing this WOD. Why, then, was my time slower? There are a few possible reasons.

First, I wasn’t competing with anyone but myself, i.e., there wasn’t anyone in the box doing the WOD doing the reps at the same or faster speed. I generally don’t need this motivation. I certainly don’t need anyone to determine pacing.

However, if there are others doing the WOD at the same time, I will admit to not always ensuring that all reps of good. There, I said it. I become far less focused on executing reps with proper form and ROM and much more focused on crushing the competition. If I were to have been judged while doing “Angie” in the past, I am confident that many reps wouldn’t have counted. I am confident that all reps counted today. As I was so focused on form, I was far less focused on speed of reps. In fact, while completing air squats it wasn’t until the 50th rep or so that I thought, “Pick up the pace, Paul. This is an AFAP.” I was focused on quality and not quantity, and this may have been another reason that my time was slower.

While I’m not pleased with my time, I am pleased with doing sit-ups and air squats unbroken. I shall not attempt this benchmark WOD for at least another 4 days.


Dear Diary,

My former BFF was well aware that Jeff was once again going to be out of town and that I would potentially be in need of some company. I was excited to receive a text from him earlier today and felt confident that he would attempt to remedy his mistakes of the past and include me in his plans. Alas, as is usual, he merely wanted something from me, in this instance he wanted to know if Tom had left concrete screws at CFS.

I suppose he is now my FBF. Forever didn’t last very long at all…





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