Total = 130 SDHPs

Panic doors. Yes, according to the Town of Apex, I need panic doors, you know, because so many people will be attending WODs at CFS. Okay, then, panic doors are being installed. Club Surmount. I kinda like it. The occupancy will now be well over 75, so the Fire Marshall should be leaving me alone.

I coached the first CFE session at CFBC yesterday and was quite pleased that so many athletes chose to attend. It’s difficult diving right into coaching without thoroughly first explaining CFE programming, pose running, my philosophies, etc. Folks were very patient, and I hope large groups continue to attend. Tomorrow is “Native American” run. Fun, fun, fun.

My former best but still very fat friend Michael Kelley worked out at CFS today. I spotted him when he did his last bench press. I also spotted him looking longingly at all of the awesome new equipment at CFS. I also spotted him taking a large quantity of M&Ms from the candy dish in our living room and placing said M&Ms in a rather large plastic bag.

Michael Kelley did his thing and I did my thing. We also shared a rather lovely lunch together. I do kinda sorta maybe possibly perhaps miss him just a widdle bit. Wednesday Workouts might be our new thing.

I worked on OHS form doing last set of 3 @ 115#. I make funny faces when I OHS.

10-min AMRAP
10 SDHP, 75#
Run 200m
10, 10m farmer’s carry shuttle sprints
Run 200m

This was far too easy, and in retrospect I should’ve made it a 20- or even 30-minute AMRAP. I was 10m shy of completing 3 rounds.

I didn’t even break a sweat. I like to sweat. After enjoying lunch with my FBBSVFF, I took Luke for a long walk on the ATT. And then I did another metcon. This one was more challenging.

100 SDHP, 75#

My goal was to complete in sets of 10 and to complete in fewer than 8 minutes, thinking I could average 12 or so a minute. I finished with 9 seconds to spare. The last 2 sets were tough but manageable. As I often encourage athletes to do, after bringing bar to collar bone (with elbows above bar) I bring the bar to mid-thigh and then to floor. I felt no back pain today and I don’t expect to feel any back tomorrow, either.

Yup, I recorded. Nope, I haven’t yet reviewed.

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