Cats done skinned.

The water fountains are almost installed at CFS. The firewall is being inspected for the very last time tomorrow. The landlord let me know that the City of Apex may very well complete final inspections early next week. I certainly hope so! The past 3 months have been exhilarating, exhausting, depressing, uplifting, yada, yada, yada. There have been times that my life has felt surreal. I don’t know that it will feel real until CFS is officially open for business.

The Open WOD was posted last night, and I already know what my score will be: 100. I can OHS 135#. Snatch that weight? Uhm, not in this lifetime. I am going to do the WOD, and I’m also going to do the WOD scaled for masters.

I judged Jeff today, and he did awesome! I was quite impressed with his burpees and even more so with his snatches. He did attempt 135#, which is more than I plan on doing.

Luke spent most of the day at CFS, and I’ve begun serious training with him. He will now sit and stay at the entrance to the workout area – and he stays until I call him. He’s a very good boy!

Bench press

Yup, I worked out solo. Nope, I didn’t put clips on the ends of the bar. After warming up, I completed sets @ 95, 125, 135, 145, & 150. Why the big jump from 95 to 125? Because I had planned on 95# being part of warm up, but then mistakenly placed 15# instead of 10# plates on the barbell. Ha!

I recorded all sets from a variety of angles, ensuring that the bar traveled in a straight line.

The very last rep @ 150# was quite a struggle, and in retrospect I’m glad that I didn’t have a spotter. I considering dropping the weights, but forced myself to focus on completing the lift – and did just that. I’m sure that if a spotter had been there that she or he would’ve grabbed the bar.

8-min AMRAP
Cash-in 500m row
9 grasshoppers/leg
7 wall balls, 10’ target & 20# wall ball
5 skin the cats
Rest 1 minute
100 double unders

I programmed this metcon, and once again cursed myself for doing so. I was distracted from start to finish, as the landlord was in the space with one of the workers, and I kept pausing to ask, “Do you need anything from me?” I can only imagine what they were thinking as I was working out.

This was the first time I was able to test the wall ball lines, and I like. Instead of throwing within the painted line, you have to hit above the painted line. I also think that the new wall balls are “settling”.

Grasshoppers were fun, wall ball shots went very well, and skins the cats were, well, difficult. Once again, if I don’t consistently practice an activity I quickly lose the ability to consistently perform said activity.

I rowed 500m in 1:45 and completed 1 skin the cat shy of 4 rounds.

Double unders continue to go well. I completed 100 in 1:45. I would’ve done so faster if my shoelace hadn’t come untied.

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