This is just one of my favorite things.

I didn’t blog yesterday. That’s just how busy I’ve been. It may very well be that once CFS opens I may discontinue blogging about my own exploits.

First, a CFS update. I have hit my first snafu, but hopefully the issue will be quickly and painlessly resolved. Uhm, given that it’s gonna cost me some money, let’s just go with quickly. It’s still very likely that CFS will be open for business March 1.

Luke spent both yesterday and today with me, and he’s one very tired pup. He ate dinner, did his business, and then went upstairs and put himself to bed – all before 7 o’clock.

I know, I know, you want me to post about my workouts. Here I go!

Nikki coached both yesterday and today, and it’s always a pleasure to see her smiling face first thing in the morning. She shops at Wal-Mart. Tuesday’s WOD in 3, 2, 1, go!
For Time:
100 double unders
5 burpee deadlifts (225#)
75 dus
10 burpee dls
50 dus
15 burpee dls
25 dus
20 burpee dls

I haven’t been able to string together double unders since before shoulder injury. Things started off very well in that I did about 40 unbroken dus out of the gate. I was then able to complete 100 dus in as many as 20 and as few as a couple unbroken reps. Not spectacular, but significant progress.

Burpee deadlifts were a welcome relief. Hell, anything that includes a burpee is heaven!

The round of 75 dus didn’t go nearly as well, and my shoulder started to ache. I was bound and determined to complete all 75, and that I did, albeit often just one at a time. I was the last of the 6amers to complete dus. Gah! Ten burpee deadlifts were even more fun than just 5. I began 50 dus and my shoulder was on fire. I became so self-protective that my right arm was almost completely extended. Again, gah! I had a parallettes at the ready, and completed 50 unbroken jump overs. Fifteen burpee deadlifts were incredibly wonderful.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do dus, so I substituted 25 single unders and 25 parallette jump overs. As with previous rounds, I completed burpee deadlifts unbroken. I completed the WOD in 18 minutes and 31 miserable seconds.

Today was much more fun than yesterday. Why? One word: running!

Push press

I’m beginning to very much like push pressing, even if I’m weak. I completed sets @ 95, 100, 110, & 120. I had originally planned on maxing out at 125, 80@ of 1RM of 155#. Since I was feeling strong, I push pressed 130# instead! That’s about 84% of 1RM and 90% of bodyweight.

Nikki pointed out that for the first rep I pushed the bar about in front of my face instead of up and directly overhead. Still a good rep, nonetheless, and the next 2 were much better.

There was much grumbling about today’s conditioning. I give Kirk props for programming!

10-min AMRAP
Run 400m; rest a minimum of 30 seconds between reps

The only part I didn’t like about this was the rest. It did take about 30 seconds to walk from one end of the box to the other, though. I didn’t keep track of time other than the 30 seconds of rest between rounds. I completed 5 rounds in 9:27. Nikki immediately said, “You’re done. You don’t have enough time to run 100m after you rest for 30 seconds.” She’s such a party pooper sometimes!

I so very much wanted to run another 10 minutes. Or an hour. Or more.

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