What a busy, wonderful day!

I attended the 10am session at CFBC. Today’s WOD was “Deck of Cards”. I’ve had the pleasure of doing this WOD in the past. Today’s rules, however, were different in that each person individually picked a card from one of 3 piles of cards and completed the requisite number of reps of that activity, i.e., the group didn’t complete the activities and reps together. Instead of going through the entire deck, there was a 20-minute time cap. Most importantly, you could even pull, for example, the 10 of diamonds from the deck 4 times, as a number of decks of cards had been combined. Oh, and the 2s, 3s, 4, and 5s, had been removed.

I informed Coach Nikki that I was going to work 30 minutes. That’s all she needed to hear to change the time cap for all of us, even though the earlier session had a 20-minute time cap. Ha! Josh, who usually merely whispers sweet nothings in my ear, said something of substance today: “Paul, let’s do the WOD together.” Good idea! Alexisnemesis overhead and just had to join us. As did Nikki. And Cassie. The more the merrier! We agreed that the first person to finish a round, e.g., 6 plate squats, would choose the next card. We lined the cards on the floor from left to right so that all 5 of us could play along. I said, “As it’s unlikely that Josh will ever be the first to finish a round, let’s let him choose the first card.”

But first:
Jokers = 500m row
Aces = 11 burpees
Hearts = Abmat sit-ups
Diamonds = 10m shuttle carry (50#)
Clubs = Pull-ups
Spades = Plate squat (45#)

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many reps of the activities we completed, as it’s a big blur. I can tell you that I pulled 3 diamonds worth a 100m shuttle carry 3 times in a row. How awesome is that?

I began with GHD sit-ups, but after doing about 50 changed to Abmat sit-ups.

We only did 11 burpees twice. I would’ve preferred many, many more rounds of burpees. We only rowed 500m twice. And I was happy that we didn’t row more. There were times when we did plate squats over and over. There were times when we did sit-ups over and over. We didn’t do shuttle carries nearly enough.

We were probably 20 or more minutes into the WOD before a club was pulled from the deck. And then another club, and another club, and another club. Too many damn pull-ups. I must learn butterfly pull-ups. I must, I tell you, I must.

Cassis accused me of cheating when doing Abmat sit-ups. Ouch. That hurt.

My only wish was that the WOD lasted longer; say 60 or even 90 minutes.

A large group of CFBCers went to lunch at Brixx, and a good time was had by most. A smaller group went to Gigi’s Cupcake Shoppe. Bad decision. I ate some kind of cupcake, and even though I consumed just a small portion of the icing I developed a headache. It may have even been a sugar coma.

Dave, Deedee’s father, instructed a CPR session for the CFBC coaches (sans Kirk). It was great! I can now confidently say that I could perform CPR on any of you fools. Go ahead. Try me.

Jeff finally received the email message from CF HQ informing him that he had indeed passed the Level 1 certification. Yay! He can now coach at CFS!

I’d like to say more, but I’m too tired to do so. I’ll leave you with this…

During one of my visits home during my first year of college, I asked my mother if my father had any Cruex, as I had developed a case of jock itch. She went to the bathroom medicine cabinet, returned, and handed me a tube of Vagisil. I said, “It may have been a while since you’ve seen me naked, but things haven’t changed that dramatically.” She replied, “Just use it. I promise that it will cure your condition. It will cure most rashes.” And it did. I think Vagisil is the duct tape of medicines.

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