All Ablaze

My woman’s intuition was all ablaze this morning. Check the CFBC website to see what today’s WOD is. I did, and it included running (Yay!), toes to bar (reminds me of a certain someone…), KB lunges (ugh!), and rope climbs (ugh?). I put on a pair of Reebok compression socks and Nike compression shorts so as to protect my left as well as third leg. REMINDER: This blog is rated PG-14. I should’ve placed that reminder at the beginning of this post. Next time, perhaps.

I put my Lululemon gym bag in the Golf TDI, made sure Luke was settled in the back seat, and started the TDI – but my woman’s intuition was still all ablaze. You forgot your rope climbing shoes! I retrieved my Reebok Nanos and was on my way.

A mere 13 hours later and I was back at the box. Aaaaand, who’s the first person I see once again? Nikki, who coached this morning’s session!

Nikki led us through mobility. Unfortunately, I had spent time wrapping my leg and putting on my shoes, so I didn’t get that extra bit of stretching that this middle-aged body so desperately needs. My bad.

Nikki reviewed the WOD, we had an opportunity to practice each of the activities and set up our stations, I peed, and we began.

4 rounds for time:
Run 400m
20 KB lunges (10/leg), 52#
10 toes to bar
2 rope ascents, 20’

I set my goals to do KB lunges and T2B unbroken, to only pause ever so briefly between 2 rope ascents, and to complete WOD in less than 20 minutes. . Uhm, so let’s get this out of the way now: I did not achieve all of my goals. Can you believe it? I hardly can. Maybe I’m not as awesome as Scott keeps telling people that I am.

Round 1 – Running went well, although I do not like running in the Nanos, as the Nanos are too much shoe for me. KB lunges were challenging from the first round. I held the KB upside down with my hands cradling the KB, i.e., not holding the KB handle. I completed the first round of T2B unbroken. I focused on form and climbed the rope the best I’ve ever climbed. I did take my time doing so. Form, consistency, and then intensity.

Round 2 – I ran this and the last round in the opposite (clockwise) direction so as to keep track of rounds. Running again went well, and I once again completed KB lunges and T2B unbroken. Even the rope ascents went well.

Round 3 – Running still went well and I completed KB lunges and T2B unbroken. Uhm, yeah, so the compression part of my Nike shorts had ridden up during the previous 4 ascents and the inside of my left thigh was all ablaze – just like my woman’s intuition had been earlier. In addition, my ring and pinky fingers of both hands had gone numb; thus, I felt like I was hanging on the rope with just my thumbs and index and middle fingers. Weird, huh? Someone tell me why this happens! Regardless, I slowed down considerably on the ascents, and I began to use my arms far too much.

As an aside, I have a rather odd way of descending from the rope. I merely place my feet on the sides of the rope and use my arms to descend. Sore forearms? Well, I don’t mind if I do!

Round 4 – Running was a big, hot mess, as I developed a side stitch after running a mere 100m. As my arms were all ablaze from the rope climbs, I swung them across my chest for most of the run. I did manage to completed KB lunges unbroken. I did, however, fail on the 8th T2B and thus had to do last 3 reps as singles. I. Did. Not. Want. To. Climb. That. Damn. Rope. My inner thigh was (you guessed it) all ablaze, and I was in pain. I briefly considered wrapping the rope around my right instead of left leg, but feared that I’d hurt my third leg as I dress to the right. Too much information? I glanced at the clock and realized that I only had about 90 seconds to ascend the rope twice if I was going to achieve my time goal. I climbed it once, paused briefly, climbed it again, and yelled “Time!” Nikki wrote 19:17 on the board. Is that an awesome time? I’ll let Scott decide.

Jazzi said I’m like a robot rabbit on crack. Discuss.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Thanks for taking the pic, Sue!
Thanks for taking the pic, Sue!
Luke keeps my seat warm while I'm working out.
Luke keeps my seat warm while I’m working out.
Luke likes to pretend that he's knows how to drive.
Luke likes to pretend that he’s knows how to drive.
Luke give great kisses!
Luke gives great kisses!
Hello, readers! It's me, Luke!
Hello, readers! It’s me, Luke!

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