Midline Stability

Kelly was kind enough to invite me to join her for an awesome workout at CrossFit Coastal. Thanks, Kelly! You do indeed talk the talk and walk the walk.

While Kelly worked on snatches, I completed dead-lifts, if for no other reason than I don’t want to re-injure my left arm. I did enough cleans, front squats, and overhead squats yesterday anywho.


I completed sets at 275, 305, 315, 225, & 335. Not much more to say, as dead-lifts are one of my stronger lifts.

Kelly asked me to create today’s metcon, with the caveat that it couldn’t include ring dips, pull-ups, and a laundry list of other activities. Kelly is nursing a sore left pec, so I was more than happy to oblige – and empathize.

20-min AMRAP
5 dead-lifts (245/165)
5 vertical ring pull-ups/handstand pushups
10 box jumps (30/24)
30-sec plank hold

I suppose I have some explaining to do. Here goes…

I wanted to lift a heavier weight than is typically included in a metcon, i.e., heavier than 225#. I did, however, want a weight that I could dead-lift 5 reps unbroken; thus, 245#. I was right on the money. I’m not the least bit surprised, you know, because I’m as awesome as Kelly says I am.

Kelly did handstand pushups. Uhm, so I’m not quite sure what to call the activity I completed, so I settled on “vertical ring pull-ups”. I would jump to the rings, hang upside down and point my toes to the ceiling to become, well, vertical. I would then pull my body up until my hands were at my waistline. Make sense? Good. Going on.

I like a metcon that includes plank holds, as holding a plank after doing dead-lifts, vertical pull-ups, and box jumps is quite a challenge.

My goals were to complete 10 rounds, as I estimated that a round should take about 2 minutes, and to complete all rounds unbroken.

I surpassed my goals, you know, because I’m just that awesome. Don’t believe me? Ask Kelly.

(As an aside, I have to consistently correct the misspelling of Kelly’s name, as my fingers automatically type “Kelley”. Dammit.)

The four activities were challenging in the order that they were completed, i.e., dead-lifts were the most and plank holds the least challenging.

During the last few rounds of box jumps I kept thinking “Unbroken. Don’t miss a jump. One after the other.” I was overly concerned with completing box jumps unbroken for, as I mentioned, my goal was to complete all rounds unbroken.

Even though plank holds were the least challenging, holding a plank for 30 seconds was nonetheless a challenge.

After completing round 10 I said, “Sh!t, I have to do more dead-lifts.” Both Kelly and I chuckled.

I truly enjoyed this metcon, mostly because I got to complete it with Kelly. She swears, and faithful readers know that I love a woman who swears. Kelly said “sh!t” an average of 3 times a round. As she completed 8 rounds plus a few reps, I estimate that she said “sh!t” 25 times. She said some other choice words as well, but this blog is rated PG14 so I can’t include.

I completed 10 rounds + 5 dead-lifts + 3 vertical ring pull-ups. That’s 55 dead-lifts, 53 vertical ring pull-ups, 100 box jumps, and 5 minutes holding a plank.

Be sure to ask Kelly if she thinks that I’m awesome. She does.

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