CFBC is clean and I can clean

I coached the 6am session at CFBC yesterday morning. I told myself that I would rest – even if Josh put my name on the whiteboard. Which he did. Was I tempted to stay and do the workout? Well, maybe a little bit. I was able to resist the temptation.

I had lunch with my former best friend my current best friend an acquaintance yesterday as well. Lunch was good. The conversation? Meh. I kid because I loathe love.

I also gave Dave, owner of CFZ, and my former best friend my current best friend an acquaintance a tour of the space. Dave was like a kid in a candy store while my former best friend my current best friend an acquaintance was like a bull in a china shop.

Based upon feedback, I’ve decided to tear down the wall between the two rooms and make one BIG, 2000 sq. ft. room. I’m also going to install a wall-mounted pull-up rig. I ordered bumper plates and jump ropes yesterday, I’m finalizing order for tractor mats, Abmats, and various other equipment today, and I’m submitting final order to Rogue for pricing. I also set up MindBody account. Things certainly continue to fall into place.

Again, Dave has been exceptionally helpful, not only providing suggestions for the best use of the space but also providing names of vendors – along with websites – for equipment. He also gave me a referral to BB&T for banking, and both he and I got $100 credited to our accounts. Dave, you are an exceptional businessman. I’m not sure, however, if a puffy coat suits you.

Uhm, yeah, so I’m supposed to blog about my workouts. Here goes.

I attended the 6am session @ CFBC led by the one and only Kirk. This may have been one of my favorite strength workouts to date.


Clean Pulls 3-3-3

3 Position Clean 50%, 60%, 70% 1 rep max

As just Jazzi and I attended the session, I was able to talk Kirk into joining us, even though it was his rest day. I’m obviously much more persuasive and better looking than Josh.

I was able to clean pain-free for the first time in weeks! That alone was cause for celebration. Am I still protecting my left shoulder? Yes. I completed sets of clean pulls @ 155, 165, & 175#. I coulda shoulda even gone heavier. I reviewed the recordings and am most pleased that I’m finally extending my hips. No lie.

The 3-position cleans were a little more challenging. Sets @ 80 and 95# went remarkably well. I attempted set @ 115, and failed on clean at hang position. I attempted again and failed on clean at high hang position. I am convinced that my failure was psychological and not physical.

By the way, I fell on my ass. I fell on my ass twice. I fell on my beautiful, round ass twice.

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

Bottom to bottom. That makes me giggle.

Having done this workout years ago, I knew what to expect. That’s just how memorable bottom to bottom air squats are.

My goal was a score of 20. I did not reach this goal. Dammit.

I completed 20 reps the first 6 rounds, but had to shake out my legs twice during the 7th round and only managed to complete 17 reps. I stopped at 17 the last round even though I had 3 seconds left.

The most challenging part was not only holding the bottom of squat for 10 seconds between rounds, but remembering to do so!

As score is lowest number of reps completed, my score was 17.


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