PP does PP

Kirk had already opened CFBC by the time I arrived at 5:35. That’s dedication! He and I talked about, well, CrossFit, CrossFit Surmount, and me. And Kirk. But not Joe.

Kirk and I patiently waited for others to arrive. Alas, I was the only person to attend the 6am session. I think bench press and parallette pushups may have frightened away some of the regulars.

Selfishly, I was quite pleased to work out with just Kirk! One-on-one coaching from an excellent coach? Yes, please, and thank you.

Bench Press

I knew today wasn’t going to be a day for establish a new one rep maximum due to recent issues with left shoulder. I took it relatively easy and focused on form. After warming up, I did singles at 135, 145, 155, 160, and 165, 15# shy of 1RM. Kirk and I discussed proper form, specifically where the bar should touch the chest at the bottom of the press. The bar touches me below my nipples. I said “nipples.”

Kirk also offered excellent feedback regarding the recently held Running Clinic. (I like how you nonchalantly brought up the topic, Kirk.)

Kirk said, “The next time you lead a Running Clinic, you might want to consider having the athletes run shorter distances. By the time we were running the last few 400 meter runs, I was merely trying to keep up, and I wasn’t able to focus on what you asked us to do.” I hadn’t thought of that. I replied, “You’re exactly right, Kirk. When I begin to add up the total distance, athletes probably ran a 5K.” “For some of the athletes ‘Death by ten meters’ was enough running for one day,” replied Kirk.

And for me it’s merely a warmup.

I truly enjoy conversations with Kirk. I also like that he occasionally swears. Not nearly as often as I do, however.

4 rounds not for time
Max reps parallette pushups followed immediately by 40m shuttle run (10m up, 20m back, 10m up)

Rest as much as needed between rounds

Bottom of pushup
Bottom of pushup
Top of pushup
Top of pushup

Kirk reviewed the requirements. He placed a stack of plates behind and that were the same height as the parallettes. He said, “Try to place your legs as high up as you can.” Uhm, do you even know me, Kirk? I said, “I’ll use the box.” I have no idea what Kirk was thinking, although I imagine it was something like, “Paul, you are a bitch. I’m now going to have to place my feet on the box, too.” I did a few reps with the 24” box, as did Kirk. I then flipped the box to 30” and tried a few reps. Kirk, of course, flipped his box to 30” as well. Again, I imagine he thought, “Son-of-a-bitch. I have to place my feet on a 30 inch box now?” Language, Kirk.

Kirk and I started each round at about the same time.

I completed 25 unbroken pushups the first round, making sure that I didn’t go to failure. I sprinted – and loved every second of it. Kirk and I finished at about the same time, although if memory serves me Kirk did less reps. (I know for a fact that Kirk did less reps, but I’m trying to help him save face. Did it work?)

I completed 20 pushups the 2nd round, the first 15 unbroken and the remaining 5 with a slight pause at the top of the pushup.

After each round, Kirk and I shared the number of completed reps, and Kirk did a remarkable job of unsuccessfully keeping up with me.

I completed 20 pushups the 3rd round, the first 12 unbroken.

I said, “I’m only going to go for 15 reps this last round.” Kirk replied, “You’re going to do 20.” And that’s the only challenge that I needed.

I did indeed do 20 pushups the final round, although I certainly struggled to lock my elbows on the very last rep.

I enjoyed each and every shuttle run. I only wish that we had run 5K after each round. Next time, Kirk?

I completed 85 paralletee pushups with feet on 30” box. What have you done so far today?


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