I’ve got a crush on you!

Key to CrossFit Surmount!
Key to CrossFit Surmount!

Today was the first of many 12-hour days… and it’s not over yet!

Before I talk about my workout, CrossFit Surmount, or any other thing, I must send a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Lal at Athletic Edge Sports Massage therapy. Lal, who’s been my massage therapist extraordinaire for more than a decade, read yesterday’s post and agreed to see me for a half an hour at the end of his day. If that was kind enough, he spent a good 40, painful moment working on my left shoulder and arm. And if that weren’t gracious enough, he also wouldn’t let me pay! Lal’s even more wonderful than, dare I say, me! Or we’re tied for most wonderful person. We’re tied. Yup, tied.

Lal, I shall indeed pay it forward. Know, too, that you are always welcome to work out at CFS. True story.

I awakened at 4 morning and arrived at CFBC at 5:45 to discover that the one and only Nikki was coaching!

Today’s workout allowed ample time to warm up and cool down. Just the way I like it.

Today’s metcon, however, was a colossal blunder, and the only one I can blame is, well, Paul Franklin Potorti.

5 rounds for time
3 jerks (185/135)
15 pull-ups
10m broad jumps
10m walking lunges

I think my brain was far less ready for this than my shoulder. Read on.

I damn well knew that I wasn’t going to clean 185. I damn well knew I wasn’t going to clean any weight. Nikki encouraged us to go heavy, so I settled on bodyweight. Gah!

For the first round, I push jerked 145, and then quickly attempted to push jerk it again, failed, and dropped the bar. I couldn’t very well clean the bar, so I had to strip all of the plates. I put 2, 35# plates back on the bar and push jerked 135# for remaining 2 reps. I ran to the pull-up rig, as I was on the opposite side of the box. I was the last to finish the first round of pull-ups, although I did at least complete them unbroken. Just 10m of broad jumps and walking lunges weren’t nearly enough. I’d prefer 200m next time, Kirk.

For the second round I push jerked 135# — and then once again failed on the second rep. Hadn’t I learned my lesson? I was so focused on not re-injuring my shoulder that I wasn’t focusing on proper form and execution of the push jerk. I stripped the bar of the 35# plates, replaced them with 25# plates (with Nikki’s assistance), and decided at the moment to at least do 5 quick reps for that and remaining rounds.

Pull-ups got progressively more challenging, and I often did the last few reps as singles.

I finished in 10:45, and had hardly worked up a sweat. I would very much like to attempt this metcon again when I’m able to push jerk a heavier weight.

CrossFit Surmount Update

  • Acquired business license with NC and Wake County
  • Acquired zoning approval with city of Apex
  • Acquired insurance with Affiliate Guard
  • Ordered sign, tee shirts, and business cards from next door neighbor at 64 West Business Park
  • Ordered plyo boxes from good friend, Matthew
  • Hired contractor to install shower
  • Changed electricity from Landlord’s to my name
  • Requested that lighting be raised in large room and the suspended ceiling be removed in smaller room
  • Received final photos from Wes and www.wesmadisonphotography.com

The website will go live tonight!

The tentative first day of business is March 1!

Pull-up rigs, Abmats, med balls, jumps ropes, kettle bells, dumbbells, etc. all being ordered tomorrow!

Most importantly, Jeff has kindly offered to take care of promotions and advertising. Yay!

I used an exclamation point at the end of the previous four sentences! And these last two sentences as well! (But I never use two exclamation points.)


One thought on “I’ve got a crush on you!

  1. WOWWWWWW! March 1st….It truly is an amazing day when amazing people come together for special events. My B-Day, the B-Day of Surmount…ummm, ok out of special events for that day

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