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IMG_1551While I did awaken at 4:15, Zac and Meg allowed me to sleep until 5. I nonetheless had more than enough time to make it to CFBC for the 6am WOD. I arrived at 5:55 and was surprised to learn that Josh was the only other person there. I thought, “It looks likes it’s gonna be just me and Josh. I shall crush him. Like a bug.” Sue, Jazzi, Lynn, and Ana eventually arrived, although Ana was 2 minutes late so all of us but she had to do 6 burpees. As I love burpees, this was hardly a penalty.

Josh led us through a warmup, reviewed front squats, and we were off to the races!

Front Squat

Today we were to attempt to establish new FS 1RM. What prevented me from doing so was my damn left shoulder.

21a 21bI successfully lifted 185#, but during the lift felt a sharp pain in left shoulder and arm. As soon as I racked the bar I felt tingling down my entire left arm, particularly in fingers. Huh? I said, “That may very well be my last lift.” I really wanted to attempt 210#, and that’s what I did. The lift was going very well, i.e., hips went below parallel, I began to rise, and then it happened again! The pain was quite intense this time. I almost completed the lift, but my left shoulder and arm gave out and I dropped the bar. I wasn’t going to attempt again.

Front squats 95#
Barbell facing burpees

Josh was kind enough to allow me to take the bar from the rack instead of cleaning it. Thank you, Josh. You’re a gentleman. That is all.

As I wasn’t going to be cleaning the bar, I made the burpees a little more challenging by jumping over a parallette instead of barbell; thus, a slightly higher jump.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I know, I know, not a lofty goal. I completed all rounds unbroken. Ninety-five pounds begins to feel heavy after so many reps, yes? Yes.

I have found that each time I complete a 21-15-9 metcon that when I’m on the round of 21 and reach 15 I think, “This is how many I have to do the next round.” Yup, when I complete 9 reps during the round of 15 I think, “This is how many I have to do the next round.”

I completed in 5:29. Not a blazingly fast time, but my damn shoulder hurt the entire time.

Enjoy some pictures form the Running Clinic held at CFBC this past Saturday! Dave and I are scheduling a similar clinic for CFD. Be there.

IMG_1521 IMG_1546 IMG_1544 IMG_1536 IMG_1534 IMG_1533 IMG_1530 IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1524 IMG_1522





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