Coopetition isn’t a real world. You’d have to be there to understand.

An exhausting and fulfilling day!

As I’m no longer coaching at CFZ, I had the morning to myself. I took Luke for a 3-mile walk and then visited my chiropractor and yoga instructor, Heather, at Back to Basics. I do love having my neck cracked. Heather cracked my neck twice. Welcome relief.

I arrived early to attend the 11am WOD at CFBC. Kirk mentioned that it’s sometimes difficult doing the WOD after having coached it, and I couldn’t agree more. Today’s WOD was a chipper, and it was a doozy. I had the honor of completing the WOD with Kirk and Josh; thus, the coaches were left to our own devices.

“Winter Chipper”

Run 400m
50 wall ball shots, 20#
40 box jumps, 24”
30 pull-ups
20 sumo dead-lifts high pulls, 115#
10 floor presses, 115#
1000m row

Ironically, I liked the activities in the order in which they appear above, i.e., I liked running the most and rowing the least.

I got crushed by Josh and Kirk, who both used 135# for SDHP and floor presses, and I cared naught.

I was the first to finish the 400m run. Show of hands: Who does this surprise? Anyone? Anyone? I didn’t think so.

As it was a chipper, I chipped away both wall balls and box jumps in sets of 10. My left shoulder felt somewhat numb duing the wall balls. Gah! As I don’t want to injure my Achilles, I never rush through box jumps. I also did 63, 30” box jumps just yesterday.

I completed pull-ups in reps of 10, 10, 5, 3, & 2. By this time in the chipper Josh had already pummeled me and Kirk was well on his way to doing so. Must. Learn. Butterfly. Pull-ups. (A certain someone who shall remain nameless promised that he’d teach me how to do so. That ship has sailed.)

The SDHPs destroyed me, both physically and emotionally. I can’t recall ever doing SDHPs heavier than 75#, the prescribed weight for Fight Gone Bad. I focused on extending my hips and lifting the bar to my clavicle with my elbows above the bar, and for the most part of was successful. I did, however, fail at 3 attempts, including the very last rep. I did, of course, redo the 3 failed attempts. I have bruises on my chesticles. Red, sensitive-to-the-touch bruises. Well, at least no one can say that I didn’t keep the bar close to my body.

I completed the 10 floor presses unbroken, although I couldn’t force myself to place my left elbow on the floor. I also raised my hips on more than one occasion. The body has an amazing ability to protect itself. I’m thinking about naming my left elbow Dr. Gaius Baltar.

I didn’t like rowing one iota. I was tempted to just stop. How the hell, exactly, does one “chip away” at rowing? By going slower? Well, okay. But stopping? I don’t think so. By closing one’s eyes and thinking of unicorns and kittens? I did that. I didn’t even sprint until the last 100m.

I came the closest I’ve come in quite some time to hurling. I literally fell off of the rower.

My time was 16:56.

I had lunch at home (chicken pot pie!) and then returned to CFBC to lead a Running Clinic from 1 to 4. It was a success, if I do say so myself. There were about 15 or so athletes in attendance, and the agenda was chock full of information and, well, running. Having done this type of clinic in the past, I was happy when Kirk agreed to extend the time to 3 hours, as this allowed me to record runners and immediately review the recordings with them. Even though I merely led the clinic, I ran and ran and ran and ran. Posture, lean, and lift!

Kirk provided beer when the clinic came to a close. Casual readers may not be aware of my affinity for beer, particularly wheat beer. Thanks, Kirk and Josh! Wil Wheaton.

I had a brilliant idea that I first shared with Iron Pirate Greg and then with Kirk. Prior to my losing job at former employer and deciding to open CrossFit Surmount, I had planned on coaching endurance WODs at CFBC. Both Kirk and I assumed that this would no longer be a possibility. I proposed to Kirk that I do indeed coach endurance at CFBC if he or another CFBC coach were willing to coach in my stead at CFS. Kirk seemed genuinely interested in the concept; we’ll just need to iron out the details.

How awesome is that? I very much enjoy coaching endurance, and now I’ll have the opportunity to do so at CFS and CFBC. I’ll easily be able to follow the same programming at both boxes. That, ladies and gentlemen and Iron Pirate Greg, is efficiency.

I felt a little guilty for leaving Luke by himself most of the day, so I took him for another walk, this time just 2.5 miles.

I had waffles and ice cream for dessert.


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