64 West

Due to inclement weather and the potential for accidents caused by idiots who don’t know how to drive, I didn’t work out until 10 this morning. Kirk and Josh were kind enough to allow me to join them, although we each ended up doing our own thing. I kept my shirt on. You’re welcome, Josh.

While my shoulder is better, it’s still not 100% healed. I worked on snatch form using just 65#, and when I increased the weight to 75# I felt a slight twinge in left shoulder. So I stopped.

My mind is a sticky mess when it comes to snatches. I’ve been told so many different things by so many different people that I have a hard time remembering what I should and/or should not be doing. Do I press the bar to my shins or think about the bar cutting my feet? Do I begin the lift with a full squat below parallel or do I start with my hips in the air? Do I point my toes out slightly or wider than I would for a squat? The only thing I am certain is that I should always be looking straight ahead. Gah! It may be time to attend yet another Olympic weightlifting seminar. I then need to do the same thing consistently.

As my time was limited, I quickly created my own metcon. Yet again, I was mad at myself for doing so.

9 rounds for time
9 GHD sit-ups
7 30” box jumps
3 wall crawls

David completed the metcon along with me, although he did 10 box jumps, no wall crawls, and substituted sit-ups with back extensions midway through the workout. Smart man.

My goal was to do all rounds of reps unbroken. While it was a struggle, I did manage to do so. Sit-ups were the least challenging and wall crawls by far the most challenging, particularly the 3rd rep of the last 4 rounds. I so very much wanted to rest between reps.

I discovered that I kick ass with GHD sit-ups. Nine sets of 9 unbroken and fast reps is spectacular, well, like my abs.

I completed 9 rounds in exactly 13 minutes and 13 seconds.

I very much enjoyed watching Kirk and Josh snatch, and their form is as spectacular, well, as my abs.


The landlord agreed to all items on addendum. What does this mean? I signed the lease! I’ll be posting additional information about CFS on this blog, Facebook and Twitter, and http://www.crossfitsurmount.com (when site goes live early next week).


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