Just a half of a minute…

I have much to blog about today, readers.

I coached the 6 and 7:15am sessions at CFZ yesterday morning, and it was very likely my last time coaching the Zealots. I wish you all the best!

As I was still experiencing considerable pain and numbness in my left shoulder, neck, arm, and hand, I rested yesterday. Can you believe it?

I once again coached the 6:15 and 7:15am boot camps at CFD this morning, and I had a tremendously fun time doing so. With one exception…

Today’s WOD was 6 rounds for time of 200m run, 15 KB swings, and 20 lunges. As I often do, I worked on specific skills moving from last, lunges, to first, running. There isn’t a whiteboard in the room, so I’ve made it a point to continuously remind boot campers of the WOD. Just before we were to begin someone asked, “Once again, what are we doing?” “Run 200 meters, 15 kettle bell swings, and 20 lunges, 10 each leg,” I replied. A woman glared at me and said, “That’s not what you said earlier.”  I said, “I apologize if there was some confusion.” She continued to glare. As she was doing swings and lunges, I corrected her form. “Try to get you back knee to touch the floor.” She glared at me. “Extend your hips when swinging the kettle bell.” She glared at me. I found it to be all quite humorous. I wanted to say, “It’s just a workout. We’re not solving any of the world’s problems. In the whole grand scheme or your life, this next 20 minutes is pretty damn insignificant.” I did not. I may do so next time.

Lal at Athletic Edge Sports Massage Therapy was kind enough to extend my 30-minute session to 90 minutes. And I needed every minute. As I’ve mentioned before, Lal is a genius. Just 7 hours later and my back, shoulder, and arm feel much better.

I did, however, want to punch him in the throat on more than one occasion, as I’ve never experienced quite so much pain during a massage. It was as if he was boring holes in my back, shoulder, armpit, and pecs.

Kirk at CFBC was kind enough to allow me to lead a session at 3 this afternoon for a small group of Human Resources professionals associated with Raleigh/Wake HRMA. Doug, Christin, Tyler, Rosemary, and Jeff attended, and the workout was called “6-4-2”. For all rounds, athletes completed 6 burpees, 4 box jumps, and 2 kettle bell swings. They completed 6-, 4-, and 2-minute rounds, with a 1-minute rest between rounds 2 and 3. That, folks, is a grueling way to be introduced to CrossFit.

I then attended the 4pm session led by Kirk and attended by just one other person: Nikki! Yes, Nikki! I’m smiling just thinking about it, as faithful readers know I love me some Nikki.

Kirk led us through a warmup consisting of 500m row, and then stretches using the KB. Next up? Bench press.

Bench Press

I’ve grown quite fond of the bench press, and my chesticles continue to grow. I completed sets @ 115, 125, 135, 145, &155#. Kirk noted that my last rep of the 3 was usually my best rep. Huh? He also noted that I tend to rest very little between sets. Huh.

Nikki doesn’t like the bench press. I consoled her and said, “I didn’t use to like the bench press either, but now I do. You’ll grow to like it as well. I used to feel the same way about the snatch, both in the Biblical and Olympic lifting sense, but I like snatches now, too.”

2 rounds for reps
30-second handstand hold; max rep HSPUs
30-second top of bar hold; max rep strict pull-ups
30-second locked out at top of rings hold; max rep ring dips

I was smart enough to take it relatively easy, as I didn’t want to further injure my poor, aching body. I held all holds for 30 seconds without dropping from the wall, bar, or rings. I only completed 5 + 3 kipping HSPUs, 5 + 4 strict pull-ups, and 12 + 11 strict ring dips. Obviously, ring dips were the easiest.

I was able to hang from the bar and change grip for pull-ups, so that’s kinda sorta a positive thing.


CrossFit Surmount update!

I have received the lease agreement, and my awesome lawyer (and still-favorite coach) Jack has reviewed, and my Realtor is reviewing tonight. I won’t sign the lease until LLC is finalized. So, LLC, Lease, Affiliation, and Zoning. Oh, and then ordering equipment, putting in a shower, painting, installing pull-up rig, and the list goes wonderfully on and on!

I’ll once again publically state just how helpful Kirk has been. As mentioned, he allowed the group of HR professionals to attend a free WOD at CFBC. He’s hosting the Running Clinic I’m leading this Saturday from 1 to 4, also at CFBC. As I was talking about the Rogue pull-up rig I’m going to be installing he said, “Let me help you install it. After having put this one together, I now know what I’m doing.” Uhm, Imma be takin’ you up on that offer, Kirk. You better be there, too, Josh. Yes, Dave, I know I can count on you as well!

The photo shoot is this Sunday, and if I haven’t formally invited you but you’d like to attend, please let me know as soon as possible. I placed an order for 25 tee shirts with the CrossFit Surmount logo for folks to wear. Speaking of which…

The tee shirts salesperson let me know that I would need to stop by their location in Durham to approve colors for the logo. Okay, then. I unequivocally stated that I would need to do so promptly at 9am this morning, as I had other obligations. I arrived at 8:55 and waited until 9:20 before he arrived. The hours posted on the door said 9 to 6, so open the damn business at 9. I was pissed, he was slightly apologetic, and it took me all of 2 minutes to choose colors. What made the matter far worse was the mannequin I knew was waiting for me upon my entrance. I have an irrational fear of mannequins. Gah! That’s all of my bitching for the day.

I meet with the Web designer tomorrow for the final touches. It may go live as early as next week! If you’re interested in reviewing, send me an email and I’ll send you a username and password.

Very scary.
Very scary.

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