I don’t jiggle at all.

Paul in repose.
Paul in repose.

It’s after 8pm, and I’m just now posting. Gah!

I once again had a restless night of sleep due to back and arm pain on left side of body. I tossed and turned all night, and would frequently check email and Facebook. Zac and Meg were crawling all over me, for each time I woke up they thought it was time for breakfast. And then it happened. Either Zac of Meg walked on my iPhone and managed to call my mother — at 4:30 in the morning. Fortunately my mother was awake! She and I both had a laugh that the she was “cat dialed”.

As my favorite massage therapist is booked until Thursday, I visited Massage Envy this evening. The therapist spent an entire hour working just on my left shoulder, neck, and arm, and I feel some relief. I’m going to be using the heating pad tonight nonetheless.

The massage therapist said, “I’m not used to massaging someone with so little body fat. You don’t jiggle at all.”

I coached boot camp at CFD this morning, and I’ll be doing so Wednesday as well. I very much enjoy doing so. As I’ve said in the past, my coaching style is well suited for newbies. Today’s WOD was 20-minute AMRAP of 400m run, 6 burpees, and 12 ball slams.

I then attended the 8:30 WOD led by Ashley, and today’s focus was the push press. I was very concerned with how I’d perform due to pain in my shoulder, and was pleased that I was able to push press 150#, just 5# shy of 1RM. I recorded all sets.

I most enjoyed working out with Amey and Stephanie!

I like Bob Harper’s tattoo sleeves. And that he’s using CrossFit on The Biggest Loser. But mostly his tattoo sleeves.

Today’s metcon consisted of cleans, power cleans, and push jerks, so I knew I wasn’t going to go anywhere near that. I decided to do 2 front squats every 30 seconds for 10 minutes, starting at 135# and increasing the weight.

That didn’t happen. I immediately felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder the very first rep. I hoped that the pain would subside, but alas it did not. I completed 4 sets of 2, 135# front squats and dropped the bar after the last rep. I had to think quickly. I completed a set of 3, 135# deadlifts and at the end of the set put on all of the plates I had used for front squats. The weight added up to 195#. I completed 3 reps every 30 seconds for the remainder of the time, and found this to be quite challenging enough, thank you very much. I called it a day.


I’m waiting for the lease so that my spectacular lawyer and I can review. I approved the final logos today and will be putting in a tee shirt order as soon as possible. I spent many hours editing content for the website, and it’s very near completion. I will, however, need to wait until Sunday’s photo shoot before the site can go live. Yeah!

Class schedule is tentatively going to be M, T, W, & F at 6, 7, 8, 9, 11:30, 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30. Open gym will be Thursday and Sunday, and Saturday WODs will be at 8, 9:15, 10:30, with Community WOD at 11:30. I’d also like to get Boot Camps up and running as soon as possible, as well as Endurance. I’m glad Jeff is going to the level 1 cert next weekend!



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