I’m not a fighter, I’m a coacher.

I shoulda just spent the night at CFD…

I judged some of the events at the Carolina Fitness Challenge yesterday, as I was unable to compete. As Jeff volunteered to check in competitors beginning at 6:30 am, I arrived with him. Little did I know that I’d get in a workout. Two salespeople with Muscle Driver arrived with a van full of 45# plates, plyo boxes, and kettle bells. I moved most everything from inside the van to the door so that others could take inside CFD. I’m just that nice. I truly am.

I judged Event #2, a 100m sprint with a turnaround at 50 muddy meters. I demonstrated considerable restraint, as a couple of the judges continuously offered coaching, and their suggestions were the opposite of what I would recommend. Bend at the waist, look down, stay low, long strides. Gah! I didn’t say a word.

I didn’t get to watch any of the Event #1 heats that consisted of ring dips, cleans, and maximum height box jumps. Dammit. I heard from others that quite a few people jumped incredible heights.

I very much enjoyed judging Event #3, and I’m very glad I didn’t have to do this myself. It was a 10-minute AMRAP of 1, 2, 3… shoulder to overhead and toes to bar. The men’s Rx weight was 22# more than I weigh. I had the honor and privilege of Judging Melissa M. and Josh O., along with quite a few others.

I most enjoyed judging the women’s final event, even though I judged the men’s masters and men’s as well. Kristen H. completed 125 double unders right out of the gate. And she made it look very, very easy. She also completed 100 KB front squats and quite a few double KB snatches. I was in awe of her the entire 15 minutes.

I saw quite a few friends that that I hadn’t seen in a while, including Phil, Kristen, Kim C., Todd and Rhonda from CF Carteret, and Kelly F. who traveled all of the way from Wilmington to be a judge. Phil complimented me on my yoke. You all should.

I said goodbye to Dave as I was leaving, and just as I was about to ask him what today’s WOD would be he said, “You can do whatever you want tomorrow.” As I said repeatedly to the athletes who attended today’s sessions, don’t blame me – blame Dave. More in a moment. More about me first.

I may have pinched a nerve in my left shoulder, as I experience occasional tingling and numbness in my left arm. I’m seeing a massage therapist tomorrow and will try to visit the BEST massage therapist later this week.

I created my own workout.

20-minute AMRAP
5 high bar back squats, 145# (bodyweight)
7 box jumps, 30”
9 KB swings, 52#
Run 200m

Yeah, so this is one of those workouts that even I thought looked relatively easy but that ended up being anything but. Five minutes into the workout I thought, “What asshole came up with this? Oh, right, that’d be me.” It was so challenging that I took off my shirt!

My goal was to do all rounds unbroken. I missed 1 box jump. Dammit. I did nonetheless move very quickly through the activities and rested very little. The 5th back squat of the last couple of rounds was particularly difficult. Nonetheless, I did all rounds of back squats with no pause between reps.

Running was tough. Uhm, back squats and high box jumps tend to take a toll on one’s legs.

I completed 7 rounds + 5 HBBS + 7 box jumps + 7 KB swings. That’s 30 HBBS, 56 box jumps, 63 KB swings, and 1400m, just 200m shy of a mile.

I had a tremendous amount of fun coaching today’s WOD, as I know from first-hand experience just how grueling Fight Gone Bad can be. Both sessions completed in 2 heats so that each person could have a partner counting reps and calories for them.

Before the workout Chad asked, “Should I go heavier on the sumo dead-lift high pulls and push-presses?” Oh, Chad, I knew then that you hadn’t completed this workout before, as no one would ever want to go heavier on the lifts or higher on the box jumps.

Most every athlete had a look of despair on her or his face at some time during the workout. Amanda is a very strong athlete, and I’ve never seen her come anywhere close to quitting. Until today. Chad is exceedingly strong, yet even he struggled with SDHP. Not a single athlete completed all rounds of box jumps as, well, jumps, as all BUT MS. AMY SCOTT WHO COMPLETED ALL REPS AS JUMPS, completed mostly box steps. And they were smart to do so!

Shout outs to Henry and Chad for their remarkable scores. Thanks to Jeff for not strangling me. Special thanks to Amy and Katya for coaching a recent graduate of Foundations and a first time visitor to CFD, respectively, through this very grueling WOD. Amy, you should coach this shit. Another shout out to Kevin for being such an incredible coach for Camillia; helping her scale appropriately and providing much support.

There were quite a few times while coaching when I thought, “I can’t wait until CrossFit Surmout opens.”

I’ve been asked by quite a few people if I’ll continue coaching Sundays at CFD. I suppose that’s something that Dave and I will have to discuss. Dave?


3 thoughts on “I’m not a fighter, I’m a coacher.

  1. I just wanted to say thanks again. My first judge, although he was great, was very quiet and would nod when I completed a rep or jump. I appreciated the encouragement you gave throughout WOD 3. It was a beast and I truly felt like I was in a bubble with you and the bar. Thanks for all the hard work you and all the other coaches and judges put in for the CFC.

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