I have a knot in my back that it wreaking havoc on my ability to get a good night’s sleep. How so, you ask? I can’t sleep on my left side, and as I usually sleep evenly on both my left and right sides, I wake up with a sore right shoulder, you know, because I spend most of the night sleeping on my right side. I’ve also been sleeping on my back, and when I do this both Meg and Zac get all up in my junk.

I coached the 6 and 7:15 sessions and attended the 8:30am session at CFZ.

Uhm, I’d like to formally apologize to both of the groups that I coached. As neither the website nor the message I received from the Head Coach indicated that the lunges were to be reverse, I instructed you all to complete forward lunges. I did correctly direct you to complete lunges from the rack. Just saying.

This was yet another day where I didn’t want to do the metcon after having taught it.

REVERSE lunges 3 x 5 each leg
Barbell bent-over rows 3 x 5

We were to use same weight as last week, but as I didn’t do this last week, well, I just did what I wanted to do. As directed, these were completed as supersets. I completed lunges @ 75, 95, and 105#. Michael Kelley asked, “Do you think one of your legs is stronger than the other?” Duh. I’ve mentioned time and time again how I’m left-leg-dominant. (Not sure if I need all 3 hyphens. Not sure if you care. I’m sure that I don’t care if you don’t care. I’m done now.) I completed rows @ 115, 135, & 150#, focusing on bringing the bar to my navel to improve my lats. Yup, that’s what I did.

Notice how I’m not mentioning Michael Kelley? That’s because he said I was acting “dicky”. Yes, “dicky.” Not dick-like or dickish. Dicky.

Max reps of the following
5 minutes of lunges
4 minutes of Abmat sit-ups
3 minutes of wall ball shots, 10’ target and 20#
2 minutes of strict chin-ups
1 minute of clapping pushups

A grand total of 15-minutes. (Don’t argue with me, Lauren and/or Timmy.)

I didn’t set any specific goals prior to the workout if for no other reason than just before the metcon began I received an email from my Realtor letting me know that the overwhelming majority of my requests had been approved. Thus, that’s all I could think about.

Michael Kelley gave me a high five. What a dick.

I grabbed a yoga mat, Abmat, wall ball, sticky note and pen, applied Bodyglide between my ass cheeks, and began.

Lunges went very well, and I alternated between forward and reverse lunges, although I completed more forward lunges. All lunges were done unbroken. That’s 5 minutes of lunging. I completed a total of 166.

Abmat sit-ups also went well, and I completed 4 minutes of sit-ups unbroken. I completed a total of 135 for a running total of 301.

Wall ball shots went better than expected, as I thought I might be able to complete maybe 50 or so in 3 minutes. I completed 59 but broke into about 5 sets, for a running total of 360.

Chin-ups did not go well, as I prefer pull-ups. I only managed to complete 13 in 2 minutes, and as few as just 2 at a time, for a running total of 373.

I was spent and felt spanked by Kirk by the time clapping pushups began. I managed to complete 10 unbroken, and then completed another 10 in the remaining time.

Total = 393 reps.

Terry Pennypacker likes the sounds I make when I work out, particularly the grunting and gasping sounds.


As you read earlier, I’m in the final stages of signing the lease for CrossFit Surmount. I’ve also had discussions with the town of Apex regarding zoning, and there are no issues. I spoke with the logo designer today, and she is making the changes that I suggested. I very much like that the logo is a combination of my original design as well as some suggestions from the graphic designer. For example, the logo is more fluid and asymmetrical, has font with both straight and curved edges, and has a less literal peak.

I created a CrossFit Surmount Facebook page, and was overwhelmed with how many people like it! It truly warms my heart to know that so many people are supporting me in this endeavor.

A public thank you once again to Dave from CrossFit Durham. Anything I’ve requested, he’s provided. Dave, you shall receive the very first CrossFit Surmount tee shirt! (And a hug.)


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