B!tch, why you gettin’ all up in my chalk?

To mix things up a bit, today’s post will be in reverse chronological order.

As just Jules and I attended the 8am session at CFBC, Kirk asked me to lead the warm up and then politely asked if he could participate in the WOD. Kirk, yo, it’s your damn box. Ha! As Kirk and I seldom get to work out together, I was very much looking forward to the opportunity. As we were both going to be dead-lifting 225#, I knew I was going to get spanked. And a spanking I got.

5 rounds for time
10 dead-lifts 225#
5 burpee box jump overs 24” 30”
10 ring pull-ups

Having incorrectly instructed the two earlier sessions, Kirk made sure to spank correct me regarding guidelines for burpee box jump overs. Fortunately, all but one person had scaled to what was actually prescribed. Here goes: face box and do a burpee, jump on box, jump off of box, do another burpee. That’s one rep. Turn around for next rep. I chose to use 30” box for the extra challenge, and soon came to regret my decision.

I completed the first 2 rounds of dead-lifts unbroken, and the remaining 3 rounds in reps of 6 & 4. I completed all rounds of burpee box jump overs unbroken. I love burpees. The box jumps did, however, become progressively more and more challenging, as 30” began to seem very, very high. I didn’t miss a rep. Ring pull-ups started out well, and I completed the first 2 rounds unbroken, round 3 in reps of 6 & 4, and round 4 in reps of 4 and then 2s. The last round got ugly, as my left shoulder really started to ache. I completed 4 reps, steadied the rings, completed the 5th rep, but then failed the 6th rep. Dammit. I re-did rep 6 and did remaining reps as singles – but each rep was good. I took me 13:19 to complete.

I very much enjoyed this workout, as it was challenging but doable. Like kissing me.

I coached the 7 and 6am (still in reverse chronological order) at CFBC, and both groups did a wonderful job. Shout outs to Deedee for the best ring pull-ups of the day, Chris for marrying Deedee, and Kris for staying positive. Daryl gets a HUGE shout out for jumping over the box. Yes, over. Sue and Monica get shout outs for sheer determination and stick-to-it-ness.

I coached the 5:30 and 4:30pm sessions at CrossFit Invoke yesterday evening at the invitation of Mitch (he’s soooooo dreamy) and Meagan. I had a tremendous amount of fun, and I enjoy coaching coaches as wonderful and as welcoming as Meagan and Josh. I led both sessions through a grueling yet hopefully meaningful warm up, reviewed basic movements, led them through the metcon (medicine ball cleans, pushups with toes on medicine ball, double unders), and them led them through a cool down. There were over 20 athletes in both sessions! I’m glad I’m loud.

I asked Meagan if I could play my own music, and she said, “Certainly!” Uhm, so during the 4:30 session an individual (not sure who it was) who wasn’t participating in the WOD removed my iPhone and replaced it with their own iPod and playlist. I immediately noticed, and my first thought was, “What makes you think we like your music any more than you like mine?” I had many additional thoughts, but as this blog is rated PG-14 I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.

Meagan and Josh were very apologetic, and I appreciate that. I would be more than happy to guest coach again!

Update: Lease is with landlord and I’m patiently awaiting response. Once the lease is signed I can complete CrossFit affiliation, sign up for insurance, complete business licenses, and begin to order equipment. I should have the first draft of the logo by today as well.

Jeff tells me to enjoy this down time while I have it, because in the very near future I’m going to be exceedingly busy. I was quite bored yesterday, and when I’m bored I get depressed. Can you imagine that? Me? Depressed? When I get depressed I basically shut down and am completely non-communicative. I am happy to have the coaching opportunities that Dave, Kirk, and Mitch/Meagan are providing. Use me. Do it. You know you want to.


One thought on “B!tch, why you gettin’ all up in my chalk?

  1. It made me very happy to see you at Invoke yesterday. Happier makes me the fact that things are falling into place for you are Surmount! Sometimes we do not realize that our best decisions are those that take the longest to make :O) Keep it up!! We are all behind you … mainly cause we like your butt ;O)

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