Orange and blue are complementary colors.

I rested yesterday. I really rested. The cats awakened me at 4:30 for their first breakfast. I let Luke outside to do his business, fed the cats, and then crawled back into bed. And fell asleep. This hardly ever happens! I slept until 8:30. I can’t recall the last time that I slept past 6. I can only say that my body and mind needed the extra rest, as I felt great all day yesterday.

I coached endurance and the WOD at CFD Monday night. It’s been ages since I’ve coached endurance. I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ll be coaching at CrossFit Invoke tonight. I’m such a dirty CrossFit whore.

I attended the 6am session at CFBC this morning, and it was as if I hadn’t been gone a single day. Everyone at CFBC is awesome. That includes, of course, Nikki, who led this morning’s session.

Take a few deep breaths, Nikki. You’re going to do fine at the Fitness Challenge. Speaking of the Fitness Challenge…

My left elbow still hurts, and I haven’t been able to clean in a couple of weeks. (Jeff would say that I haven’t chosen to clean in years.) The first event is a 5-minute AMRAP of 30 rings dips and in remaining time max reps  of 115# cleans. Dammit. The second event is a 100m sprint. Dammit. As I did last year, I will instead be judging the athletes. I only wish there was an award for congeniality.

On a positive note, at least I won’t have to shave my chest.

Back to today. Nikki led us through a warm up, reviewed the bench press, and we were off. I was the only person to not share a bench, and that’s okay with me. As I don’t have large chesticles, I’m not able to bench press nearly as much as the men.

Bench Press

As my shoulders are still somewhat sore, I didn’t go as heavy as I could have or possibly should have. I completed sets at 105, 115, 125, 135, & 145#, 2 pounds more than bodyweight and a bit more than 80% of 1RM. I recorded and reviewed all presses. I’m suddenly enjoying the bench press. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m straight.

3 Rounds (not for time)
Max number HSPUs
Max toes to bar
2 15’ 20’ rope ascents

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

My goals today were to make sure I didn’t hurt myself (ha!) and to complete ascents without resting between two climbs. Having only done 20’ ascents one time at CFBC, I did so today instead of 15’ ascents.

I competed 9, 7, & 6 unbroken HSPUs for a total of a mere 22 reps. I completed 21 (15 kipping), 15 (11 kipping), and 15 (9 kipping) toes to bar for a total of a mere 51 reps.

I did, however, climb the rope much more quickly than I’ve done in the past, although I struggled with the last round. My forearms were burning, I tell you, burning.

Alexis and Julia cheered for me as I climbed the rope. Thanks! Next time please also comment on how nice my ass looks. Okay? Okay.

I was the very last person of the 6amers to complete the conditioning. The. Very. Last. Person.

The CrossFit Surmount website is almost ready for unveiling, although pictures won’t be taken for another week or so. In the meantime, I have plenty of pictures of yours truly looking spectacular that I can use as placeholders. I met the logo designer yesterday. She thought it was funny that I created the logo as Jeff was getting a tattoo. Wait until you see it! When I showed the design to Jeff he said, “Wow. I didn’t know that you were creative.”

One location keeps rising to the top of choices, even though I’ve looked at quite a few places. If the landlord agrees to all that I’m asking, it’s very likely that I’ll sign the lease – maybe even by the end of the week.

I cannot express just how excited I am!

CrossFit Surmount Color Scheme
CrossFit Surmount Color Scheme

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