I’m glad I’m not a farmer…

Uhm, 132 pull-ups, 260 pushups, and 390 air squats make for one tired and sore Paul. My quads in particular hurt.

I spent 20 minutes just stretching and thinking about how sad I was that last night my soon-to-be-former BFF got together with friends for drinks at my favorite bar – and didn’t even invite me.

Today was active recovery. No pull-ups, pushups, or air squats.

12-min AMRAP
11m farmer’s walk forwards, 52# 62#
11m farmer’s walk backwards, 52# 62#
10 double unders

I thought I had grabbed 2, 52# kettle bells but had instead grabbed 62# kettle bells. I didn’t realize this until after I was finished. I did, however, wonder why 52# felt so heavy. I attempted to match the number of steps forwards (20) and backwards (24) each round, and was always within 1 step. Double unders were one big hot mess if for no other reason than my shoulders are so damn sore. I completed 13 rounds + walk forwards & backwards + 6 double unders. I did not like this metcon.

Another benchmark WOD at CFD this morning, this time “Jackie”. Rowing, thrusters, and pull-ups you say? There were 11 and 23 in attendance at the sessions. Yes, 23. That’s not a typo.

I’d like to think that so many attended so that they could attend the Church of Paul. I think it’s much more likely that many are atoning for their sins of overindulgence. Let me know your reason.

Due to the large class size, I wasn’t able to spend as much time on mobility with 11 of the clockers. My apologies. I also want to publicly thank both groups of athletes for their patience and understanding, as the 10 of the clockers were staggered in 2 groups 4 minutes apart and the 11 of the clockers were staggered in 3 groups 5 minutes apart.

Without naming names, I’ll once again kindly ask that if you’re attending open gym that you do your workout in the section of the gym specifically devoted for that. It’s difficult enough to manage almost 2 dozen athletes without the unnecessary distraction.

I continue to be truly impressed by the athleticism of CFDers. Most importantly, I continue to be impressed by the sheer determination of many folks.

Shout outs today for Jd, Gary, Jamie, Liz, Bills (both of them), Henry, Christopher, Chad (always), Amanda, and once again I’m too tired to think of others.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that both sessions also completed a tabata consisting of lateral box jumps (10 of the clockers before Jackie) and lateral box jumps and KB swings (11 of the clockers after Jackie).

Dave asked if we should add another session at noon. I think so. Who among you would attend?

Pics courtesy of Liz! Thanks, Liz!

IMG_1183 IMG_1185 IMG_1191 IMG_1182 IMG_1187 IMG_1188 IMG_1192 IMG_1180 IMG_1189 IMG_1184 IMG_1193 IMG_1190 IMG_1181 IMG_1186


One thought on “I’m glad I’m not a farmer…

  1. Great coaching today, Paul. I enjoy your classes and I know that your extensive and thorough warm-ups really help everyone perform better…it may lead us to not like you very much during the process but it is always appreciated after!

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