“Cindy” | Zeal Anniversary

My quads hurt.

I coached the 6pm (6 attendees) and 7pm (11 attendees) sessions at CFD last night, and the workout was the benchmark “Helen”, one of my favorites! I was quite tempted to do myself, but withheld the urge knowing what I’d be doing today. In retrospect, it was a very wise decision.

As I said to athletes, “I’m only a dick when I’m not coaching – unless I’m coaching a benchmark WOD. I’ll likely be a dick today.” And I was. I insisted that athletes sprint, run to kettle bell, if not completing swings at least has their hands on the kettle bell, to rest no more than 3 seconds, etc. I also informed them that I would be offering no apologies for pushing them, and no apologies were given.

I sing the praises of Ollie, Christopher, Henry, Jd, Gary, Nick, and Linsday.

I’m obsessed with Battlestar Galactica. I wonder if I’m a Cylon. That would explain so very, very much.

Today is the one-year anniversary of CrossFit Zeal. I coached two, count them, two sessions and then completed the WOD. As sessions were only 45 minutes and back-to-back, I ensured that I had the warm up, WOD, and cool down carefully planned. Success! Both of the sessions I coached included a 400m run, and I used that opportunity to verbally review movement standards and to discuss strategy. I also asked a few people their goal number of rounds. I reviewed movement standards and had all athletes complete a few reps.

I closely observed athletes during the WOD and provided direction and support when necessary. I also provided cajoling and teasing because that’s just what I do.

Nice job, almost everyone! I sing the praises of Michael W., Jeff, Paul A. (even though he bitched the entire time), Don, Mandi, John, Thomas, Britt, Tom, and quite a few others but I’m really tired and I can’t remember. And my quads hurt.

Michael Kelley “loves” his “job” and “coached” today’s 10 o’clock session. I didn’t participate in the warm up, as I was plenty warmed up already.

I claimed my spot on the pull-up rig closest to the speaker and farthest away from spectators. I placed 5 stacks of 5 poker chips in a row, each stack a specific color and in the following order:
Red – stop and think about pace
Black – think positive and not negative thoughts
Blue – stay calm
White – think positive thoughts
Green – go, go, go!

I taped and chalked my hands and got ready for the WOD to begin. What were my goals, you ask? I told everyone my goal was to complete 20 rounds. I lied. My goal was to complete more than 25 rounds, even if it was just 1 rep more, as 25 rounds was my PR. I knew I’d have to strategize in order to accomplish this goal; thus, I determined that I would not waste time chalking my hands, taking a drink, or slowly moving a poker chip. I was confident that I would be able to do all rounds of pull-ups and air squats unbroken, so my goal was to do pushups unbroken for as long as I possibly could and then take it from there. I also set a goal to do rounds of pushups as quickly as possible while still ensuring that chest touched the floor and I locked out at the top. (I’m not even going to mention your comment, Michael Kelley.)

I also began odd-numbered rounds facing the back wall and even-numbered rounds facing the front of the box. How fracking efficient is that?

20-minute AMRAP
5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

I completed all rounds of pull-ups (with chin well above the bar) and air squats unbroken, and 22 or 23 rounds of pushups unbroken. I looked at Michael Kelley and said, “That’s 10 rounds” after I had, well, completed 10 rounds. I did they same after completing 15 rounds, and was tempted to do so after completing 20 rounds. It dawned on me that my doing so might seem to my fellow CFers that I was bragging when in fact I just needed a little encouragement from the coach. Cough.

As I was able to glance at the clock during even-numbered rounds, I was able to keep track of my pacing. I had completed 19 rounds plus 5 pull-ups and 10 pushups at the 15-minute mark; thus, I was confident that I could exceed my goal.

Pushups, as expected, became more and more challenging, and for the last 2 rounds I was only able to complete in reps of 5, 4, & 1. Yes, that 10th rep was difficult.

I had completed 26 rounds with 5 seconds remaining. I jumped on the pull-up bar and completed 2 additional reps.

I. Was. Spent.

Twenty-six rounds plus 2 pull-ups equates to 132 pull-ups, 260 pushups, and 390 air squats. In 20 minutes. Holy frack!

I led the 10 and 11:45 sessions though a cool down, as Michael Kelley was too busy thinking about cake.

Jeff and I had a lovely time at the celebration. The food was delicious, the company charming, and the conversation lively.

Happy Anniversary, CrossFit Zeal!

Poker chips. I needed one more!
Poker chips. I needed one more!
9:15 class warming up and showing their asses.
9:15 class warming up and showing their asses.
8:30 session warming up and showing their asses.
8:30 session warming up and showing their asses.
Michael Kelley getting ready to eat a LOT of cake.
Michael Kelley getting ready to eat a LOT of cake.


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