Be sure to watch tonight at 5:50!

Update: Here’s the link!

Dave was thoughtful enough to ask me to coach the 10 and 11am special sessions at CFD this New Year’s Day and I was kind enough to accept his offer. I did, however, let him know that I did not want to coach a 5K like I did last year. As it has rained all day, I’m very glad that a 5K wasn’t held. Dave suggested that we created our own WOD and I did just that.

20:13 AMRAP
1 200m run
1 muscle-up or rope climb (scale to 2 jumping muscle-ups or 3 dips)
20 pushups (standard, negative, plate, plyo)
13 pull-ups (strict, kipping, chest to bar)

I arrived at the box close to 9 and was greeted by the always-awesome Ashley. We briefly talked about the upcoming Carolina Fitness Challenge, and I informed her that it’s unlikely that I’ll be competing due to continuing pain in left elbow. Dammit.
As I told the athletes, today was about challenging oneself. I did just that. For odd numbered rounds I completed a muscle-up, 20 negative hand release pushups (45# plates), and 13 pull-ups and for the even numbered rounds I completed 1 12’ rope climb, 13 pushups, and 20 pull-ups. I did, of course, run 200m at the start of each round.

This was tough. Running went well, and I did all muscle-ups and rope climbs with little effort. Negative hand release pushups also went well, and I was often able to complete the entire round unbroken, including rounds of 20 reps. Pull-ups started off well, and I completed the first 2 rounds of 20 and 13 unbroken. I was usually able to complete the first 10 reps unbroken, but near the end of the workout was sometimes doing singles. Arms were always locked at the bottom and chin was always above the bar at the top.

I completed 6 rounds + 200m run + rope climb + 20 pushups + 1 pull-up. I was curious to see if anyone could better my score.

I wasn’t sure how many would attend today’s session, but happily 8 and 9 attended the 10 and 11am sessions, respectively. I led both sessions through a 15-minute warm-up, reviewed the standards, coached the workout, and led athletes through a 5-minute cool down. And I had 5 minutes to spare!

This was a grueling workout for most athletes. Many completed 4+ rounds and Chad came the closest to my score (although he didn’t do negative pushups and I’m not sure if he alternated 20 reps of pushups and pull-ups).

As I was coaching the 10am session, Angela Hampton from WTVD news appeared with a cameraman in tow. I spoke with her briefly, and she asked if she could record athletes and interview me about making New Year’s Resolutions regarding fitness. As I didn’t think Dave would mind in the least, I let her know what the schedule would be for the 11 o’clock hour and she and the cameraman returned just before the session started.

I’m anything but camera shy. I coached the session as I normally would, and basically ignored Angela and the cameraman as they recorded the athletes and me and as Angela did a talk-over during the workout.

Just before I attached the microphone, I changed into a CFD shirt. It’s the least I could do.

Angela asked me about CrossFit, what people should look for when selecting a gym (coaches and community), contracts (CrossFit lets you go month to month after initial 3 months), what I don’t like about big box gyms (preening and comparing), and other questions that I don’t recall. I did make sure to mention that all CrossFits hold community WODs, that CrossFit is well worth the expense, and that goals should be SMART.

I should be interviewed about this shit more often.

Angela also asked how often people puked after a workout. I explained “pukie”, but also told her that I had been CrossFitting for 3 years and had yet to puke. She said, “Yes, but you’re obviously very fit.” She also hinted that she would like to give it a try, but that she thought it might be too difficult, as she runs as her exercise. A runner, you say? Well let me explain the benefits of CrossFit. And I did just that.

What a great day! Jeff and I are celebrating our 19-year anniversary, I got to work out and coach, and the local news department interviewed me. Watch WTVD tonight at 5:50!

My socks didn’t match.



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