How long have you been sitting on THAT one?

Michael Kelley attempting to row backwards.
Michael Kelley attempting to row backwards.

I don’t understand why so many CFers are enamored of “Fran”. I have been asked my Fran time far too many times. When I then ask someone her or his mile time, I get an empty stare. Fran is overrated. There, I said it.

Uhm, guess what benchmark WOD was scheduled today at CFZ?

I nonetheless attended the 7:15am session, and Michael Kelley was kind enough to allow me to do my own thing. I did participate in the warm-up that included rolling a 45# barbell on biceps and forearms.

As Michael Kelley, upon reviewing a recording of my attempt at a 125# OHS said that rep didn’t count as I didn’t break parallel, I wanted to attempt OHS at that weight but in his presence. I had forgotten about his gravitational pull. More in a moment…

Overhead squat

Work up to heavy single

I completed 5 reps @ 75, 95, & 105, and then singles at 115 and 125#. Yes, 125#.

I did, however, complete 7 reps @ 95#. While attempting the 3rd rep of the first set @ 95#, Michael Kelley walked toward me. The gravitational pull of his, let’s just go ahead and say it, ass pulled the bar I was holding overhead toward him, and I fell on my own ass. I said, “Don’t look at me when I’m lifting, Michael Kelley.” He replied, “I’m confused. Sometimes you say you want me to watch and sometimes you say that you don’t want me to watch. Which is it?” “You should know me well enough to be able to know what I want, Michael Kelley,” I replied. “Can’t you read my mind by now?”

So, 125# is my new new 1RM. My goal is to OHS my bodyweight by the end of June 2013.

I was still working on OHS as the 7:15amers began “Fran”. I was kind enough to provide direction and support to the athletes, as Michael Kelley was busy chomping on a turkey leg.

Michael Kelley was kind enough to suggest the metcon, and I hate him for doing so.
Burpee with lateral jump on 24” box

I can’t recall having done lateral box jumps as part of a metcon, let alone with a burpee before each jump. Lateral jumps were very challenging, and for whatever reason more so when jumping to the left. I’m left-leg dominant, so this surprised me.

My goal was to complete all rounds of burpee lateral box jumps and pull-ups unbroken, and I kinda achieved this goal. For the last 2 reps of both the round of 15 and 9 pull-ups, I paused briefly while hanging from the pull-up bar before completing the pull-ups. I did not, however, drop from the bar.

Nicole H. and Jeff were kind enough to time me, and my time was 6:51.

Michael Kelley has taken to wearing Lululemon shorts. Now I understand why the fabric has and needs so much give. As I was departing I said, “Lululemon has a new line of clothing, Michael Kelley, and they want you to be the spokesperson. It’s called “Muumuulemon.” I picture Divine as Edna, Tracy Turnblad’s mother in “Hairspray.” (But not as John Travolta as Edna. Just so you know.)

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