26aI had a very enjoyable time coaching the 8am CFZers, and there were quite a few in attendance – including the birthday girl, Shari! Today’s focus was the dead-lift, and all except Mandi, who is recovering from an injury, achieved a new 1RM PR. Shout outs to Maggi, Johanna, Kelvin, Shari, Jeff, Mike W., John, Margie, Debbie, and Wes!

Michael Kelley took me aside as folks were setting up for the metcon and asked, “Can you coach the 9:15 session?” I asked, “Why?” “Because I’m in a really bad mood. Did you see how late I got here? I haven’t even been able to work out yet.” As Jeff I and drove in together, I let Michael Kelley that I’d have to ask Jeff if this was possible. Jeff, who isn’t on his period, ensured me that arrangements could be made.

I coached the 9:15 am session as well. Only one shout out, and that goes to Cindy who achieved a 30# PR. Well done, Cindy!

Having only eaten a half of a peanut butter and banana bagel, I was getting very, very hungry by the time the 10:30 session, led finally by Michael Kelley, began. I wore my new Batman socks that Jeff got me for Christmas. Or maybe Michael Kelley got them for me. I can’t remember. Michael Kelley led us through mobility, including sideways steps using a green band. As there weren’t enough bands for all present, he gave both Nicole and me one of his very own green bands to use. I immediately used mine to floss between my ass cheeks.

I just wasn’t feeling it this morning as far as dead-lifts, and was not able to achieve a new 1RM. I shall attempt again in the very near future, but on a full stomach.

12-min ARMAP

X power cleans back squats
5 chest to bar pull-ups
10 burpees

As my left elbow is still sore, I substituted back squats. The number of back squats increased by one each round. I had originally planned on using bodyweight (as prescribed for men for power cleans) but Michael Kelley insisted that I use 155#, i.e., 11# more than bodyweight. When I asked him why he said, “Midol just isn’t working for me this morning. I feel bloated, and my ankles are swollen. I also want to eat everything in sight. And I’m very, very moody. I cried this morning on three separate occasions. Hold me. No, don’t touch me. Do you think I’m pretty? Do I look fat?”

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I lined up 8 chips (thinking I’d get at least 7 rounds) in a line beside the squat rack, moving a chip from the left to the right at the start of each round so as to keep track of how many back squats I had to do that round.

I completed all rounds unbroken. The back squats were by far the most challenging activity, as my heart was certainly racing after each round of burpees. As the metcon progressed, I set the lofty goal of completing 8 rounds. I did so with 30 seconds left. Dammit. I rested 10 seconds, and completed 6 additional back squats. Total = 8 rounds + 6 reps.

I lapped you twice, Nicole.

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