Toll Road

Paul's at the bottom of the snatch, yo.
Paul’s at the bottom of the snatch, yo.

Jeff and I spent a couple of hours driving around industrial parks and looking at potential locations for CrossFit Surmount. I’m pleased that we’ve already discovered a few promising sites. More details soon. In the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed.

A few people have suggested that I be more secretive about, well, just about everything. I see no reason why I should do so. I’m opening a business, I know there are competitors, and I know I’ll be successful. If anything, I’d like to work with other CrossFits to form an even larger community. I’m not actively trying to steal members from other boxes. I am actively looking to introduce even more people to the wonderfulness that is CrossFit, with an emphasis on the “fit”.

Michael Kelley texted me early this morning letting me know it was “safe” to work out at 7:15 or 8:30. I informed him that I would be going to CFD this morning, knowing full well that I would indeed be working out at CFZ.

I entered the box along with Leah. Michael Kelley said, “You lie to me all of the time.” I don’t lie; I’m merely not completely honest. There’s a difference.

He greeted me with a warm hug. I think that our genitals may have touched.

Uhm, my BFF may not be very smart. The new extension of 540 is open from 64 in Apex to 55 in Holly Springs. Signs clearly indicate that tolls will begin January 2, yet he is convinced that that section of THE TOLL ROAD will not have, well, tolls. “The signs say that tolling begins at 64.” Yes, Michael Kelley, tolls do begin at 64 – until January 2. Nothing anyone said to him could convince him of this fact. I would like to be present when he opens his first bill.

On a related note, there will soon be an opening for a BFF. Please send your resume and references. Specifically, I’m looking for someone who has common sense as well as intelligence.

Michael Kelley led us through mobility, and by led I mean started the clock. Oh, wait. I did that. He kept track of the time and let us know when to switch arms or legs. Oh, wait. I did that. He does at least know the difference between static and dynamic. Good job, Michael Kelley! Part of the warm up consisted of PVC pipe OHS practice. Michael Kelley said, “Pause at the bottom.” I heard “Paul’s at the bottom.” Michael Kelley said, “Pause at the top.” I heard “Paul’s at the top.” Thus, each time I squatted I said, “Paul’s at the bottom.” Each time I stood I said, “Paul’s at the top.” Perhaps I’m versatile.

Today’s focus was on the snatch. The dreadful snatch. I have received so much coaching on this lift from as many as a dozen different coaches, and it’s difficult for me to even remember what to do. Does the bar touch or not touch my legs? Do I squat to parallel or do I begin with my ass slightly in the air? How far should my feet be spread at the start? How far should my feet be spread at the finish? Gah!

For a change of pace I listened carefully to what Michael Kelley said, and I followed his direction. For the most part, I was successful.

With 65% of 1RM on the bar, we completed 1 snatch and 1 hang snatch OTM for 8 minutes. Sixty-five percent of 100 is 65. Even I could do that math in my head, yo. I continued for another 8 minutes as my fellow CFZers worked on cleans. Yup, my elbow still hurts. Dammit.

I am much more proficient with hang snatches then I am with snatches from the flo’. Michael Kelley suggested that I briefly pause when the bar is just above my knee. I shall try that.

3 rounds for time
10 OHS (50% of snatch 1RM)
15 toes to bar GHD sit-ups
20 KB swings, 53#

As faithful readers know, I sincerely believe that Michael Kelley incorporates toes to bar into far too many metcons, and I’ve repeatedly told him so. He granted me permission to substitute GHD sit-ups.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, and I did just that. I used 65 instead of 50# for OHS, and even Michael Kelley said that my OHSs looked good. Yay! That made my day! Michael Kelley’s opinion is soooooo very important to me. No, really. I’m not being sarcastic. Or am I?…

As my back was to the clock for KB swings, I actually yelled “Time!” That hasn’t happened in quite some time. Sometimes I yell “Time!” (That was fun.) Oh, my time was 6:35.

I overheard Mike telling Michael Kelley that he struggled with stringing together toes to bar. I said, “Let me show you how.” He replied, “But my arms are a little tired.” “That’s the best time to practice, Mike,” I said. I demonstrated kipping toes to bar, gave him some direction, and let him try. Mike is a very good athlete, and quickly got the swing of things.

As I’ve stated before and as I’ll likely state again, “I should coach this shit.”

I really should.

One thought on “Toll Road

  1. I agree with you about being open about creating a CrossFit box. That you’re willing to share it publicly is a good indication that you’re not doing anything wrong

    But I think you should flesh out you’re ‘elevator pitch’. When I talked with you at CFD you said what’ll differentiate you is an emphasis on ‘fitness’ or ‘getting people as fit as possible’. Every Crossfit owner would make that claim. To me that would mean that you’ll focus on training top level athletes and people who want to train like top level athletes.

    If Surmount takes on the personality of its owner then it’ll be a crossfit box which is different from other boxes is a focus on technique.

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