Emoticons may be misinterpreted

26aMy BFF knows what the title references.

Short post today, ladies and gentlemen. I attended open gym at CFZ this morning, as Luke is spending the day at Doggie Village. I arrived at 5:45 and was immediately joined by Claire. Yes, lululemon addict Claire! Then who should my wandering eyes see but Sara! Yes, logo-creating Sara! John and a newbie were also in attendance. Good time, good times.

Today’s focus was on the split jerk. After warming up, I did 3 reps @ 75, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, & 145. While I did occasionally allow my left foot to take a step back whilst dipping, for the most part I was able to keep this under control. As the weight got heavier I found it more difficult to land in a long lunge. Yes, ‘twas out of fear. ‘Twas.

Having not done so in a very loooooong time, I working on Turkish get-ups. Thank you, muscle memory. I completed reps (both arms) @ 26, 35, 44, & 53. For whatever reason, I’m moving my foot away from my butt just before beginning the get-up. This is why I record my activities. You should, too.

I wanted a fast and furious metcon, so I created the following:

5 round for time
10 ring dips
50 parallette lateral hops

The parallette is a little over 1’. My goal was to note time at end of first round and then complete even splits. I completed the first round in 1:02 and the metcon in 5:10. You can’t get much more even than that, ladies and gentlemen.

Surmount. Overcome. Scale. (Very appropriate term.) Prevail. Conquer. Triumph. Vanquish. Transcend. I’m trying to create a tagline for CrossFit Surmount using synonyms. If you have any brilliant ideas, send them my way!

Now that 540 from Apex to Holly Springs is open, it takes me a mere 12 minutes to get to Zeal; thus, it’s the closest CrossFit to our house. Dammit.

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