Thong Song

I worked out at CFD from 9 to 10 and then coached the 10 and 11am sessions. For a change of pace, today’s workout didn’t include a metcon. Say whaaaaat? No metcon.

I recorded all lifts and from a variety of angles. Not angels, angles.

Low bar back squats with 3-second pause at bottom of squat

I completed sets of 3 reps @ 135, 165, 185, & 205#. There’s no doubt that I’m breaking parallel, and my knees certainly don’t track in. Holding the squat was certainly a challenge, and I often had to struggle to stand up after the last rep.

Front squats

I completed sets of 2 reps @ 135, 165, 185, & 205#. Lifts felt very solid today. I focused on pushing my hips forward so as to not first raise my very shapely and firm ass.

Overhead squats with 3-second pause at bottom of squat

I completed sets of 3 reps @ 65, 75, 80, & 85#. As I reviewed the recordings I can clearly see that I still have a tendency to look down. Gah! OHS felt shaky today, and I can be heard saying “This is not fun.” I completed one last set of 3 @ 85# wearing Inov8s instead of weightlifting shoes, as I think that weightlifting shoes may very well push me on my toes. I’ll have my BFF (TBD) view recordings and provide feedback.

That was a whole lot of squats! It’s no wonder that my ass is so firm and shapely.

Jamie touched my heart today, although if she wanted to she could’ve also touched my ass. She surprised me with a present – an orange Lululemon water bottle! And a thong. An orange thong. Thanks, Jamie!

I was delighted that 8 and 7 people attended the 10 and 11am sessions, respectively, including two visitors at the 10am session, Charla and Jessa. As has become the tradition, today’s WOD was “The Grinch”. Having completed this WOD as recently as a couple of weeks ago, I was curious to see if anyone could beat my time of 17:10. My good friend, Einar, came the closest at 18:40. I shall call him “Max”. Most people struggled on the ring dips, which I found to be the easiest part of the workout. It was nice to see Nat, a recent Foundations graduate. Nice work, all! A shout out to Ann, who attended the 11am session. As I said to her wife, Claire, Ann is always consistent. She wisely chooses a weight that she can handle and scales activities based upon her skill level. Another shout out to Rona, who never gives up. Niiiiice! I will continue to warn Claire about keeping a flat back and Erica about keeping a neutral neck. Again, nice work all!

I was once again surprised by yet another gift, this one from Rona and Einar. A beautiful picture frame! I can think of the perfect picture worthy of framing. Yes, it’s one of me wearing an orange thong and showing off my shapely and firm ass.

One last thing before I go… Charla gave me a wonderful compliment. She said that the warm up that I led the sessions through had the best focus on mobility that she had received at any box she has visited. Thanks, Charla! As I always say, the more focused the warm up, the better the WOD.

IMG_0946 IMG_0943 IMG_0248 IMG_0255 IMG_0249

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