12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve, Folks!

I am publicly admitting that I was disappointed in my third place finish at the Naughty or Nice 10K. I should’ve caught the second place finisher. I am reminding myself, though, that the first place finisher is 17 and the second place finisher is 27. Even this body gets slower as I get older. Sigh.

I am also public admitting that I was disappointed that so few people congratulated me on the race. It appears that my Facebook settings were modified and my post wasn’t displaying on my Timeline. Gah!

Prior to coaching at CFD yesterday, I worked on OHS form. I was able to successfully squat 125#, a PR by 10#, but I just couldn’t seem to break parallel when attempting 135#. Sigh.

As there were only 4 and 5 at the 10 and 11am sessions, respectively, I modified the metcon so that folks could complete in teams of 2. Less reps is seldom a bad thing.

Amy Scott completed 53 unbroken double unders! She’s super fantastic.

Michael Kelley was under the false impression that I was out of town for the Holidays, and he was quite surprised when I offered to coach at CFZ. Tom and Michael Kelley have been very generous and understanding (regarding opening CrossFit Surmout), so it was the least I could do.

I didn’t, however, expect so many folks to attend! There were 17 and 21 at the 8 and 9:30am sessions, respectively. That’s quite a few people. Today’s focus was on the front squat or back squat. The metcon was 2 rounds of 2-minutes of max reps of air squats, hand release push-ups, Abmat sit-ups, and kettle bell swings, with a minute rest between rounds.

I’m a stickler for form, and I don’t ever hesitate to correct poor form. As Travis was doing hand release push-ups, I noticed that he was only lifting the palms of his hands, i.e., his fingers remained on the floor. I said, “Release your entire hand from the floor, Travis.” He looked up, smiled, and said, “My shoulders are so big that I can’t release my hands.” I paused a moment and said, “That’s why I can’t get my hips to the floor.” Think about it. Got it? Good. Going on.

I created my own “12 Days of Christmas”. My goal was to complete all activities in unbroken reps. I thought it was going to be easier to do so than it was, but I did achieve my goal nonetheless.

1 100m run
2 wall crawls
3 ring dips
4 toes through rings
5 pull-ups
6 KB swings, 52#
7 wall balls, 10’ target, 10# wall ball
8 box jumps, 24”
9 hand release pushups
10 front squats, 95#
11 air squats holding 45# plate
12 push presses, 95#

For those unfamiliar with the workout, some explanation… I ran 100 meters. I did 2 wall crawls and ran 100 meters. I did 3 ring dips, 2 wall crawls, and ran 100m. Get it? Good. Going on.

As I got tired, the wall crawls presented the biggest challenge. Even though I only did 3 rounds of 10 fronts squats at 95#, fronts squats were also challenging to complete unbroken. Push presses were also very challenging, as I was quite tired by this point of the workout – and the wall crawls were smoking my shoulders.

1200m run
22 wall crawls
30 rings dips
36 toes through rings
40 pull-ups
42 KB swings
42 wall ball shots
40 box jumps
36 HRPUs
30 front squats
22 air squats
12 push presses

Time = 31:12.5

It was nice of me to coach, yes?
It was nice of me to coach, yes?
Post 9:30 metcon.
Post 9:30 metcon.


Paul's 12 Days of Christmas
Paul’s 12 Days of Christmas
Cursive, just to piss off Michael Kelley.
Cursive, just to piss off Michael Kelley.
Yours truly coaching the 8amers.
Yours truly coaching the 8amers.
My BFF is gaycist.
My BFF is gaycist.


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