Love What You Do

Another fun day at CrossFit Brier Creek! Josh led today’s session, and the focus was on the back squat. Uhm, that’d also be one of my favorite lifts. Josh first led us through a warm up including mobility. My hips were nice and loose by the time all was said and done.

High Bar Back Squat

Just last week we worked up to a heavy set of 5 reps, and I successfully squatted 200#. I set my goal at 215# this morning, 93% of 1RM and 150% of my bodyweight. You read that correctly. I was attempting to back squat one and a half of Paul three times.

After warming up, I completed sets of 3 reps @ 165, 185, 195, and 205#. Josh observed set at 185# and said, “I’ll be back to watch you when your lifts are heavier.” Ha! I felt strong this morning, and lifts felt – and looked – solid. Why, yes, I did record each and every set. And I’m very glad that I did…

I put 215# on the bar and, unbeknownst to me, Josh observed from across the room. The first rep was solid, as was the second. I rushed the last rep and this resulted in my raising my ass; thus, the bar went forward. I almost completed the lift, but lost my balance and began to crumble. I’m smart enough to know when to bail, and that’s exactly what I did. Josh said, “I thought you had that last rep. Let’s look at the recording because from my angle it looked like you were shallow on the second rep.” The first and second reps were good, but the last rep, as mentioned, was a colossal failure. I said, “I want to try it again.” My head was spinning and I was seeing stars. Josh offered to help me lift the bar to the rack but I had to wait a few moments to compose myself. That, ladies and gentlemen, is when you know you’re putting forth maximum effort.

Before my second attempt I said to Josh, “Remind me to press out my knees. If I don’t do that I will raise my ass and fail the lift.” I took the bar from the rack, stepped back, squatted, and as I stood Josh said, “Press ‘em out, press ‘em out, press ‘em out.” Thanks, Josh! Before I squatted the second time, Josh reminded me to drive my hips forward. The second squat was a success – and damn, girl, I sure do break parallel. Josh said, “Last one, Paul, now don’t give up on me.” Uhm, yeah, so Josh, how exactly would I be giving up on you if I didn’t complete the last lift? Explain yourself! I had to grimace in order to do so, but I did successfully complete the last rep. I took me 7 full seconds to stand up! But I didn’t give up on Josh on myself. Because Josh is I am awesome.

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes perform:

  • 7 Back Squats (40% of today’s 3 rep max)
  • 7 Rack Jerks
  • Burpees for the remainder of the minute

Score = total burpees completed for all rounds

I love OTM metcons and I love burpees, so I should have liked this, right? Well, I did! What made it even more special was that I wore my “Buck Furpees” tee shirts, a birthday present from Kate and Katherine. Using my trusty iPhone, I determined that 40% of 115 is 86#. “Josh,” I asked, “should I go up to 90?” He rolled his eyes and said, “Yes.” I replied, “I always defer to the coach.” “And if you ask me to go heavier I’m always going to say ‘yes’,” Josh said.

My goal was to complete all back squats and rack jerks unbroken, and I came pretty damn close to accomplishing this goal. What I didn’t plan on doing was rack push pressing instead of jerking, but I’m evidently strong enough to do so.

On my last rep of the rack push presses, my elbows didn’t lock. Damn, girl, I had to redo that rep. I completed 7, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3 (that bar almost fell off of my back so I lost some time), and 7. Just at the start of the 4th round I yelled, “This sucks.” I paused a moment and said, “And not in a good way.” I’m not sure if anyone heard me and/or if anyone found my comment humorous. I was in too much glorious agony to hear anything other than my own labored breathing.

Admittedly, I lost time in the transitions, as when Josh called out that it was the top of the minute I often took my sweet time removing the bar from the rack. I gained enough time to do 7 reps the last round by dropping the bar after the last rep of jerk push presses and immediately dropping to the floor for burpees.

I completed 37 burpees total.

I then traveled to Durham and coached the 8:30 and 11:30 sessions for my good friend, Ashley. She bought me a gift for doing so, and it is much appreciated! The focus at CFD was establishing snatch 1RM, and quite a few people did just that. Chad, you are a beast. Lexy, nice job with form. Erica, wow. Just wow. Dori, when you get out of your own head, yo, you are amazingly strong. Sandra, you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. (And you don’t take compliments very well.) I very much wanted to do the metcon: 2 rounds of 30 reps of 70# KB swings, burpees, and toes to bar. I may just have to do so very soon.

It’s a small world, folks, and don’t forget. Peter visited the 11:30 session, and when I asked him what box he worked out at he said, “It’s in Brooklyn. CrossFit Virtuosity.” Ha! I was just there last month!

Dave, am I fired?

Look at the grimace on my face.
Look at the grimace on my face.
New lululemon shorts!
New lululemon shorts!
Thanks, Ashley!
Thanks, Ashley!

IMG_0804 IMG_0801

New lululemon shirt!
New lululemon shirt!


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