Paula Abdul

Handstand pushup
Handstand pushup
@ BFBC 245# dead-lifts. Yes, I'm shirtless.
@ CFBC 245# dead-lifts. Yes, I’m shirtless.
Me and Jeff!
Me and Jeff!
Michael Kelley and me!
Michael Kelley and me!

I’ve had a wonderful birthday weekend! I coached at CFZ yesterday morning, and there was a full house including some of my favorites: Burt, Heather, Jeff, John, Maggi, and Mandi.

You teach best what you most need to learn. ~ Richard Bach

The focus was on the snatch. I have little difficulty coaching the lift and correcting form, even if I struggle with the snatch (on oh so very many levels) myself.

The conditioning consisted of shuttle runs, pull-ups, and push presses. I very much wanted to do the conditioning myself, but I had told myself (and Michael Kelley) that I was going to rest. And rest I did. Until later that afternoon.

This Saturday morning I’m going to be running my first race in over two years. To get a sense of how I may fare, I sprinted about 4.5 miles. The first mile was a bit tough, but once I settled into a good pace (a breath every third step) I began to enjoy myself. I began my run at about 4:01 and finished at 4:30, so about a 6:45 mpm pace. The time is an estimate, as I can’t even find one of my many sports watches. Certainly not race pace, but I’m pleased nonetheless.

Last night a group of friends helped me celebrate my 49th birthday by joining Jeff and me for drinks at Rockwell’s. Jeff and I first shared a very nice dinner with my BFF and his girlfriend, Britt. Thanks for the company – and the beers!

I arrived at CFD this morning at 9 and began my own conditioning at 9:30.

12-minute AMRAP
12 closed-eyes and unbroken dead-lifts, 155#
12 unbroken deficit push-ups, hands on 45# plates
12 unbroken jumping box jumps, 20”

This is based loosely on a main site workout. While challenging, this was quite a fun workout. I got the idea of doing dead-lifts with eyes closed from a training video posted on the main site. I increased the thickness of plates by using 45 instead of 25#, and I ensured that chest and cheek were on floor before pushing up. The jumping box jumps were an original twist, and consisted of landing with both feet on the box and then immediately jumping straight up (now tell me do you really wanna love me forever). I completed exactly 7 rounds. That’s 84 dead-lifts, deficit pushups, and jumping box jumps in 12 minutes. Don’t try this at home.

I coached the 10 and 11am sessions, and there wasn’t an Amy, Ami, or Amey to be found. There were, however, 8 and 17 at the sessions, respectively.

The skill was handstand pushups and the conditioning was 10 rounds of 1-minute of rowing 100m and then completing as many KB swings as possible in remaining time. I’ll begin with three shout outs. Chad completed 190, 52# KB swings! Bill has significantly improved his rowing form. Rona completed the workout while using an inhaler. One last shout out to Paul (me!) who did an awesome job coaching 17 people with only 9 available rowers. I had to think on my size 7.5 feet. I instructed the 9 men to begin at the top of the minute and the 8 women to begin each round at 45 seconds past the minute. I was yelling loudly the entire 19 minutes and 45 seconds.

I’ve been brainstorming possible logos and tag lines for Apogee, and I welcome your suggestions. Even yours, Michael Kelley. Even yours…


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