I get so emotional, baby!


I didn’t even bother setting an alarm last night, as I knew I’d be awake by 4. Besides, even if I slept in, I could work out at any time. I got nothin’ but time, folks.

I was wide-awake at 3:45. Sheesh.

WARNING: Until I open a CrossFit box, this blog is also going to be my personal journal. Be prepared for an outpouring of emotions. Feel free to digitally hug me when appropriate.

I received a birthday card from my mother. The front of the card has a picture of a dog that somewhat resembles Luke, and says “You’re the BEST kind of son…”  The message continues on the inside “… the fun-and-nice-and-special kind.” This brought tears to my eyes. My mother included a hand-written message:

Paul, You are very good to me, thank you, pass it on to others. Be kind and honest and your new business will thrive. You know to lead, now go for it. She signed it “Mommy & my baby girl, Lucy” Lucy is her dog. I haven’t called me mother “mommy” since I was an infant. It’s always “mother”, “Barbara”, or “Babs”.

This brought more than just tears to my eyes. Oh, who the hell am I kidding… I cried like a Michael Kelley. Yes, I can be quite an emotional man.

I have been experiencing massive mood swings, and not just hour to hour but moment to moment. I’m excited! I’m scared shitless. I’m confident! I’m insecure. I’m exceedingly happy! I’m depressed. I’m angry! I’m relieved. I’m overwhelmed. I’m bored. Sheesh.

I sent my request for name to CF HQ, I’ve talked with a web developer, I have an excellent lawyer lined up, I have contact information for insurance, and I’ve been asking Michael Kelley, Dave, and Kirk numerous questions. I’d like to fast forward my life about six months, please.

Back to today. I arrived at CFBC at 5:35, and Kirk had already opened the box and written the WOD on the whiteboard. I’m still nursing my left elbow, so I knew I was going to have to substitute running for rowing. I didn’t think double unders would be an issue, but I was sadly mistaken.

For Time:
1250m row 1200+m run
125 double unders parallette jump overs
50 KB swings (53#)
750m row 800m run
75 dus parallette jump overs
40 KB swings
50m row 500m run
50 dus parallette jump overs
30 KB swings
As I ran through the box after each 400m, the distance for both 1200 and 800m runs was a bit long. I began with double unders, but was protecting my left elbow so much that I knew it would be senseless to continue. So, after completing 25 dus I switched to parallette jump overs. I had forgotten just how hard it is to swing and sprint after doing jump overs, and my legs felt like jelly. I completed jump overs in reps of 100 and 25 for first round, 50 & 25 for second round, and unbroken for last round. KB swings presented a challenge. I completed first round in reps of 30 & 20, second rounds in reps of 25 & 15, and last round in 2 sets of 15 reps. I had every intention of completing the last round unbroken, but the KB slipped out of my very sweaty hand. Kirk actually thought I had completed the WOD and began to write my time on the whiteboard. I yelled, “I’m not finished yet, Kirk!” My apologies once again for dropping the KB. Thunk. That’s also the sound I hear when I drop Joe like a bag o’ dirt. Thunk.

Kirk once again did a great job of coaching. Our styles complement each other, Kirk, don’t you think?

I completed in 22:57. I closed my eyes while sprawled on the floor, and the room spun. That hasn’t happened in quite some time.


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