Michael Kelley, thank you for suggesting therapy for the tendon in right elbow. I’m almost pain-free just three days later! Tiger Balm helps, too. ARE YOU STILL HUNGOVER?

I assisted Kirk with the last day of Foundations at 6am this morning, and once again we worked very well together. Kirk taught a crash course in rowing as I taught wall ball shots. The first thing I do whenever teaching a novice wall ball shots is to have each person hold the ball in both hands and then hit her/his own head and face. There’s no better way to overcome your fear of being hit in the head by a medicine ball then, well, by being hit in the head with a medicine ball. Good times.

Kirk and Josh programmed new strength training, and it began in earnest today. Nikki (!) led the 7am session, and I had the pleasure and honor of being welcomed by the 7amers, including Alexis, Deedee, Joe, and Julia. (Listed in alphabetical order so to not show favoritism. Joe is my least favorite.)

Back Squat
5, 5, 5, 5, 5

I chose to do high bar back squats. My current 1RM is 230#. Nikki, Kirk, and I discussed what weight athletes should be attempting to lift for last set, and, as I expected, Kirk confirmed that the weight should be between 75 and 85% of 1RM; thus about 175 to 195# for yours truly.

I warmed up with the bar, 95, 135, and 145#. I felt strong this morning, so I quickly set my sights on 195#. Did I record all sets? Hells yes! Nikki also observed most if not all sets either as I was lifting or as I was reviewing immediately afterwards. I wanted to ensure that I achieved proper depth, that my ass didn’t raise before my knees, and that the bar traveled in a not-gay path.

I completed sets @ 155, 165, 175, and 185#. Nikki said, “You’re so fast on the descent.” Yes, I am.

I picked up my iPad to review set @ 185# and was surprised when everyone gathered around to view with me. Joe had positioned himself so that he appeared to my grabbing my spectacular ass as I squatted. Ha!

Uhm, I had just one more set. Josh had arrived by this time, and I asked him and Nikki, “Should I go so heavy that I may not be able to finish the fifth rep?” I once again knew the answer to this question, and they said what I would’ve said if I had been coaching. Josh replied, “You know the set is heavy enough if you fail on the last rep.”

I loaded the bar with 200#. Yes, 200#. I removed the bar from the rack and thought, “This is light. Keeping reminded yourself of that.” I completed my first squat and Josh said, “Good.” As I was rising out of the second squat Josh said “Good. Drive out of the bottom. Open those hips up out of the bottom.” As I was rising out of the third squat Josh said, “Drive. You got this, Paul.” I completed the fourth squat and Josh said, “One more, Paul!” I completed the last squat and Josh said, “I think you got five more pounds in you.” My immediate thought was, “Did I gain weight?” I did have fried banana with ice cream for dessert last night.

Thanks for the coaching, Josh and Nikki! I heart CrossFit Brier Creek.

In 5 minutes run 400m and complete as many ground to overhead as possible in remaining time. (95/65)

As I didn’t want to risk re-tweaking my left elbow, I chose to complete G2O using just right arm. I used a 44# kettle bell.

The clock counted down from 10, and we all got ready to run out of the back door. Uhm, I had no intention of doing so, and I instead ran across the box and out the front door. I ran 400m+ in just under 90 seconds. I completed 10 KB snatches, and then the remaining reps as KB clean followed by KB push press. I completed a total of 39 reps.

No updates today regarding opening my own CrossFit.





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