Once in love with Amy/Ami/Amey

photo1Jeff and I attended both the CFD and CFZ Holiday parties last night. I had but one beer, and it wasn’t even a draft. Can you believe it? There were far too many intoxicated people at the CFZ party, including my sloppy drunk best friend, Michael Kelley. A good time was had by most.

I arrived at CFD a little before nine this morning, and completed my first workout of the day, a CUAFAP (Clean Up As Fast As Possible). I did, however, leave a few tasks for Dave to complete. I didn’t want him to feel like he wasn’t needed.

This meant that I got a late start to my true workout. After warming up, I completed the following.

20-minute As Many Reps As Possible
Hand release pushups; 200m run between efforts

I set very specific goals, and achieved almost all of them.

1. Complete sets in multiples of 5, with no few than 10 reps a set
2. Complete no sets to failure
3. Complete all sets unbroken, i.e., not even the slightest pause at the top or bottom of pushup
4. Sprint each 200m run
5. Complete 200 HRPUs

I completed sets in reps of 20, 15, 15, 10, 10, 10, 10, & 10. I completed the first 100 reps at just over the 10-minute mark. As I wasn’t feeling fatigued, I decided to increase the reps to 15. I completed the remaining sets in reps of 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, & 15. I had just 10 reps to go and time was running out. Luke’s Aunt Sandra had arrived, and I asked her to count down the time for me. With less than a minute remaining, I began my last 200m run, but instead of running into the box to complete HRPUs I immediately dropped to the ground and began. (I think Sandra was quite surprised.) Unfortunately, I was only able to complete 7 HRPUs before time ran out. Thus, I completed 197 HRPUs, 3 shy of goal. Dammit. I ran 2800m (1.75 mi) total.

What I haven’t yet mentioned was that I was wearing my sparkling (literally) new Superman socks – including cape – that my BFF gave me as an early birthday present! Dave was kind enough to snap a picture.

I coached the 10 & 11am sessions at CFD, and, as usual, had much fun doing so. Today was a 3-person team workout consisting of power cleans, pushups, box jumps, pull-ups, and burpees. There were 15 people and 5 teams in the 10am and 11 people and 4 teams in the 11am sessions, respectively.

Amy, Ami, and Amey attended the 10am session, and all three did a splendid job. (Amy, you’ll always be my favorite. Don’t tell Ami. Or Amey.) Team Wiggles (Jack, Dori, and Ann) had the highest score – until team Awesome (Bill, Corey, and JJ) took that coveted spot. I was most proud of Jeff and Louis, as they did the entire workout as a team of two. Ouch. Gale never ceases to amaze me, either, as she did all pushups strict. Yes, strict.

I ask a favor of those of you who attended either of today’s session and/or a session that I recently coached. I’ll be doing this for a living in the very near future, and your feedback is very important to me. What do I do well? What could I improve upon? Be honest, keeping in mind that I can take constructive criticism. Post your comments here (anonymously if you so desire) or send to xfitpaul@gmail.com.


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