Foot Release Pull-ups!

I’m sitting on the deck as I compose this post. It’s about 70 degrees and I’m wearing new new Reebok Nano 2.0s, lululemon shorts (of course), and my CrossFit Brier Creek tee shirt. I love North Carolina!

I am, however, only able to type a sentence of two before Luke approaches me and drops a toy at my feet. In other words, type a sentence or two and then play for a minute or two. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In what is uncharacteristic of me, I had a fitful night’s sleep last night. I received distressing news as I left the office Friday (I am not yet at liberty to disclose. Look for details Monday.) I had originally planned on working out at CFBC yesterday evening but was too upset to do so. Having rested just this past Wednesday, I really didn’t need another day of rest, although I had planned on resting today.

I did, however, have many opportunities to stretch yesterday, as I coached a few sessions at CFD for my friend Ashley, who’s competing in Outlaw. As is typically the case, I truly enjoyed coaching both the boot camp and regular sessions, and I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in quite some time (Shayne, Colleen), met some new folks (Stephanie, Rana), and had the opportunity to coach a few athletes that I always enjoy coaching (Louis, Chris, Chad, Sandra).

Strength focused on one of my favorite lifts to coach: the front squat. Athletes completed 5 single reps at a heavy 90% of 1RM. As sessions that I taught had 6 and 8 athletes, each individual took her or his turn in sequence. I very much liked this, and everyone but Dave appeared to as well. I could coach all 5 reps and athletes could observe the form and technique their fellow CFDers. It doesn’t get much better than that. I also recorded the 1st, 3rd, and last reps using Coach’s Eye, and at the end of the session reviewed at least 1 front squat with each person.

The conditioning was a 12-min ARMAP of 7 dumbbell or KB thrusters, 7 ball slams, and 200m run.  Colleen said, “I remember what I like so much about your coaching: you push us.” Hell, yes! This meant ensuring that some folks went heavier than they typically would (Colleen, Shikha), ran from one activity to the next (Chad, Sandra), and/or not allowing them to stop at the 100m turnaround (Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave).

Sandra, you keep mentioning your joints so much that I’m beginning to think that you’re trying to tell me that you’re moving to Colorado.

I arrived at CFZ this morning at 7:40, and was just about dead on my feet. (Could you tell that I was out of sorts, Lauren?) Jeff, John, Don, Lauren, Alex, Shari, and Mandi (Yes, Mandi!) attend the 8am session, and many got a new shoulder to overhead PRs.

There was a much larger crowd in the 9:15am session, led by Lauren. As they worked on strength, I worked on core, completing 5 X 10 unbroken parallette pass throughs, kipping toes to bar, and GHD sit-ups. I joined the group for the metcon, and had the pleasure of being positioned beside Sara (Yes, Sara!)

Death by Pull-ups/Pushups
Minute 1 complete 1 pull-up & 1 pushups
Minute 2 complete 2 pull-ups & 2 pushups
Minute 3 complete 3 pull-ups & 3 pushups…
Continue until you cannot complete required number of reps within the minute

I taped and chalked my hands and set my goal to complete a minimum of 14 rounds and ideally 15 rounds. Alex had completed 11, so at the every least I wanted to crush him like a Joe DeStasio bug.

To further challenge myself, I completed hand release pushups for the first 9 rounds and plyo (without clapping) pushups for the remaining rounds.

I completed all rounds of pull-ups and pushups unbroken through the 12th round. I completed the 13th round with about 10 seconds to spare, but almost didn’t start at the top of the minute as Lauren was cheering on the one other person left remaining. Pay attention to me, Lauren! Haha!

I was most pleased that almost no one cheered for me. Thank you, CFZers. I much appreciate your willingness to ignore me.

The other individual was unable to complete the round of 12. I completed the round of 14 with about 7 seconds to spare and am confident that I could’ve completed 15 rounds. However, I was not at all comfortable with everyone looking at me. I could sense this far too much during the 14th round, and didn’t want to subject myself to another minute of it. In fact, I had already decided to stop at the end of the round before I had even finished the pull-ups. It also bothered me that the other individual, you know, the one who completed 12 rounds, squatted beside me to watch pushup reps. Really? Is that necessary? I don’t think so.

My arms and shoulders were smoked. My abs and ass can go on for hours and hours.


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