Bucking Fox Jumps

Short entry today, folks, as there typically isn’t a strength segment at CFBC on Tuesdays for me to take time to discuss. Deedee led today’s session, and the focus was on the (dare I say) exhilarating metcon. I was very much looking forward to this, and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

20-minute AMRAP
5 ring dips
10 box jumps, 24”
15 American kettle bell swings, 52#

Now that my shoulder is completely healed, ring dips don’t cause any pain. Although I prefer burpees, I also truly enjoy ring dips.

My goals for ring dips were to do all rounds in unbroken reps and to complete strict until I absolutely had to kip, i.e., I found myself kipping in order to lock my elbows. My goals for box jumps were to do all rounds unbroken and to stand at the top of the box and rebound off of the floor, i.e., to not extend hips as I was jumping off of the box. My goals for KB swings were to complete the first 5 minutes of rounds in unbroken reps, and then do complete in reps of 10 & 5.

I did complete all rounds of ring dips unbroken. Once again, this wasn’t a lofty goal. I did complete as strict reps until the last 2 rounds.

I missed 2 box jumps, but other than that box jumps went very smoothly. I know I loudly land on the box and I do so selfishly, as it helps me set a rhythm. I also completed the last set of box jumps very quickly and in order to do so I did extend my hips as I jumped off of the box. So sue me.

After completing the first 5 minutes of KB swings unbroken, I set a new goal to complete unbroken until 10 minutes. I was able to accomplish that (damn it) so I set a goal to make it to 15 minutes. I was once again was able to accomplish that goal (damn it) so I set a goal to complete all rounds of KB swings unbroken. And I did just that.

I met goal for ring dips, missed goal for box jumps (due to 2 missed jumps), and exceeded goal for KB swings.

I completed 13 rounds + 16 reps (5 ring dips, 10 box jumps, and 1 KB swing).

70 ring dips
140 box jumps
195 KB swings

It’s weirdly silent at CFBC some mornings, and today was one of those mornings. While the music was certainly loud enough to hear, it wasn’t LOUD. I grunt loudly when I’m exerting myself, and I became very self-conscious of doing so. I was delighted when I heard a couple of others grunt. To lighten the mood, I occasionally interjected comments. For example, when “Feels Good, Inc.” by the Gorrilaz began to play I said, “This feels anything but ‘good’. The Gorrilaz are taunting me.” I’m not sure if fellow CFBCers laughed at or with me.

I’ve also noticed some as-yet-to-be-determined “friendly” competition. Been there, done that, ain’t gonna do it again. I’ve made it a point to not look at the whiteboard the following day to see how I compared with others, and I’ll continue to do so. Faithful readers know that I’d prefer to not even have my name on the whiteboard…

While I was completing the 9th or 10th round of KB swings I thought, “I should really run the Umstead Marathon in March.” Where the hell did that thought come from?


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