Pastor Paul

Do you like the title of today’s post, Amy?

Josh led today’s session, and began by leading us through 30-second drills and then focusing on mobility. I love burpees, Josh. More burpees, please. I mean it. More burpees.

One of the things I like so much about CFBC (and that I always liked at CFZ as well) is the focus on stretching and mobility before an athlete attempts any activity, whether it be a pull-up, muscle-up, or overhead squat. Speaking of which…

Overhead Squat
5 @ 75% of 1RM, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1

I learned much today, and when I think about how I’ve struggled with the OHS in the past, I will blushingly mightily state that I’ve made significant progress. I continue to learn, and today was no exception. Yup, I recorded all lifts. Yup, I asked Josh to review all recordings. Yup, I asked Kirk to record 1RM OHS. Nope, I’m not requesting review by Michael Kelley. His fingers are too fat to use the scrolling feature of Coach’s Eye anyhow.

My major goal today was to squat below parallel on the very first attempt, i.e., not use the first squat as a warmup. I warmed up with the bar, and then did 5 reps at both 65 and 85, 85# being 75% of 1RM. Josh noticed and noted that my heels begin to turn in while I’m rising from the squat. He asked to see the bottom of my weightlifting shoes, and at first I thought he wanted to see if I would kick my foot behind me or raise my leg in front of me to look at the heel. (If you’ve ever seen the episode of “Murphy Brown” where they try to determine if Miles is gay, you’ll know what I mean. I’m really dating myself, aren’t I?) Josh thought that the heel of the shoe might be slippery, and that was what was causing my feet to move. Ha! Nope, it was my own brute strength. Josh explained and demonstrated a foot position that he thought might be of benefit, namely placing my feet vertical with my toes pointing directly forward. I completed 3 @ 90#, and the squats felt, dare I say, much more solid. Thanks for the suggestion, Josh! More burpees, please. I actually completed 5 squats, as I felt that 2 were questionable in regard to depth. Upon review, only 1 squat was a failed attempt.

I continued with 3 @ 95#. Upon reviewing, it’s clear to see that my heel did begin to turn inward once again. There’s so much to focus on! I next completed 3 @ 100#. Keep in mind that 100# is about 70% of my bodyweight. My heels did turn in slightly, but less than with previous 3 reps.

I did 1 @ 110#, and Josh observed and confirmed that the squat was a good rep. Next up was 1 @ 120#, my current (as of last week) 1RM. I went up on my toes a little bit, but it was still a successful squat.

I take much time setting up, i.e., after push jerking the bar overhead, I confirm that my arms are active, that I’m gripping the bar with a hook grip (did you notice, Josh?), and that I think about pushing my hips back before taking a deep breath.

With 125# on the bar, I said, “One twenty-five.” Josh said, “You got this. Sorry. You don’t got this. Do good.” Just before I squatted Josh said, “Same as before. Hit that depth. Stay in the heels.” I squatted below parallel and Josh said, “Good.” I began to rise and Josh said, “Up, up, up!” I rose, extended my hips – and then felt the bar fall behind me. I dropped the bar behind my head.

Hell, I couldn’t have even extended my arms that far behind my body in the very recent past.

I’ve reviewed the lift quite a few times, and I honestly don’t know if the rep would’ve counted. I did rise, I did extend my hips and finish the lift, but I also dropped the bar behind me. Regardless, I wanted another attempt.

I didn’t, however, want to clean the bar to the rack, so Josh was kind enough to do so. Thanks, Josh! I shall do burpees as payment.

Before I talk about the final attempt, note how much direction and (when necessary) support Josh provided. It was the perfect balance, and just what I as a coachee needed. Well done, Josh. More burpees, please.

I didn’t wait very long before making one final attempt. Josh once again observed, only this time he left me to my own devices. I did take a step back with first my left and then my right foot, but I also locked the bar overhead with my hips full extended. Both Josh and Kirk reviewed, and said it was a successful attempt; thus a new 1RM of 125# for OHS. That’s about 85% of bodyweight, bitches. Twenty more pounds to go…

As we were preparing for the metcon, I said, “The snatch is my menesis.” Yes, “menesis”, not “nemesis”. Maybe I should refer to the snatch as my “gaymenesis”. I like that.

I just received a text from Jeff wherein he referred to me as “snooky bearlicious”. That’s a new one.

5 power snatches (95/65)
20 wall ball (20#, 10’ target)
10 PS
15 WB
15 PS
10 WB
20 PS
5 WB

I usually attempt to split the difference in the weight, but today knew that even 80 was going to be too heavy, so I began with 75#. Just before we began, I aksed Josh “Should I just go with 65#?” He replied, “Let’s see how the first round goes, and if your form is shitty we can take off the 5# plates.” My form was shitty. Very, very shitty. Explosive diarrhea shitty. Josh was justified in taking off 10# after the first round, and that’s what a good coach should do.

I completed the round of 5 PS unbroken, but, again, with shitty form. I completed the round of 10 unbroken as well, the round of 15 in reps of 9 and 6, and the round of 20 in reps of 6, 5, 5, & 4. All rounds of wall ball shots were done unbroken, although I didn’t hit the target on 2 attempts and had to redo.

I talked far too much during this metcon, saying such things as “I’m really not enjoying myself right now.” My time was 6:45.

Josh said, “I need to spend some time with you on snatches, particularly your set up and finish.” I’m all in, Josh!


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