Happy Baby and Sh!t

As I didn’t arrive at CFD until after 9:30, I didn’t work out until noon. As always, I very much enjoyed coaching the 10 and 11am sessions, and here are some of the reasons why:

1. Amy Scott sometimes shows her pretty little face. This alone keeps me at CFD.
2. There is more than enough space and equipment for all athletes. Given that there are usually larger crowds on Sundays, this is much needed and appreciated.
3. As I’m the only coach on Sundays I generally have free reign. Thus, if I need to slightly modify the workouts, e.g., time limits, fewer reps, etc., I can do so for both sessions. I always let Dave know, and he always seems to understand.
4. Perhaps most importantly, CFD athletes are genuinely appreciative of my coaching. Not a Sunday goes by that someone doesn’t compliment me. Yes, I know I already have a big ego, but I still sincerely appreciate occasional praise.  Today, Gail, who I had only coached this past Thursday (along with 26 other people) and today, told me that I was a very good coach. Beth, who I coached for the very first time today, sent me a very nice message. And Erica, who I had coached as part of a Living Social event, complimented me – and asked if I could coach additional days at CFD. Ha!

Front Squats @ 85% of 1RM

As I required of athletes when I coached, I did reps on the minute. I based percentage on 205, so I lifted 175#. The weight did feel heavy but manageable. I recorded the lifts and reviewed after completing all sets. I was pleased that I was able to lead with elbows, knees, and hips, and to avoid raising my ass before lifting. As is to be expected, my hips were below parallel at the bottom of each and every squat.

21-15-9 dead-lifts @ 1½ bodyweight
40-30-20 double unders
21-15-9 burpees

I lifted 220# for dead-lifts, and completed the first round in reps of 11 & 10, the second round in reps of 5, and the last round in reps of 6 & 3. I glanced at the clock after completing the first round, and realized I had done 21 dead-lifts in less than a minute.

Double unders were a mess. I didn’t have my speed rope with me, so I used one of the trial Rx jumps ropes that Dave has. Big mistake, as the rope was far too heavy. I was only able to string together 15 at the most and often did just a single freaking double under. Dammit.

I love burpees, I truly do. I completed all rounds unbroken.

My time was a disappointing 9:22. Damn jump rope.

Dear Michael Kelley,

Hello! I promise that I will make every attempt to see you this coming Saturday.

Your friend,

2 thoughts on “Happy Baby and Sh!t

  1. You ARE a great coach! You’re absolutely the most *engaged* coach I’ve ever had. Your attention doesn’t stray from the task at hand for one minute. I love CFD church on Sundays with Pastor Paul.

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