Almost everyone did a great job!

I just enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with Jeff, my mother, and Brenda and Larry. I may very well fall asleep while composing this.

Yesterday morning my friend Christine invited me to lululemon to try on some clothes and provide feedback. Lexy picked out the ensembles, and I was impressed with the selections. Even though I’ve been forbidden to buy myself anything until after my birthday and Christmas, I nonetheless purchased an awesome hoodie. As there was only one in stock in size small, I couldn’t very well risk someone else buying. Right?

I’m addicted to lululemon. Admitting I have a problem is the first step. Right?

I arrived at CFD this morning at 8. I contemplated doing “Klepto”, but am a bit tired of squat cleans. I instead did yesterday’s CFD metcon, as I wanted to do something fast and furious. Lexy had also mentioned how much she enjoyed the metcon, so I was all in.

5 rounds for time
3 power cleans @ 75% bodyweight
10 ring push-ups
5 box jumps 30″

My goal was to complete all reps unbroken. I looked at the times athletes had posted and set a goal to complete in less than 5 minutes.
As 108# is 75% of bw, I put 110# on the bar.

Uhm, yeah, so this was indeed fast and furious. I completed all reps unbroken and quickly transitioned between activities. Time = 4:19.

I rested 3 minutes and then did 100 pull-ups.

I competed the first 20 unbroken and the last 10 as single reps. Time = 6:13.

Dave asked me to coach today’s 9 & 10am sessions and I jumped at the chance. I kinda, you know, like coaching.

Dave and I exchanged the following texts earlier in the week.
Paul: Any ideas for Thursday WOD?
Dave: I sent it didn’t I? Klepto. It’s gonna be nuts in there.
Paul: Klepto? I put the jump rope back in the box. Promise! Why nuts? U expecting a lot of people?
Dave: Klepto the WOD.
Paul: Ooooh, that makes sense.

Haha! I had borrowed an Rx rope and I thought Dave was under the impression that I hadn’t returned it.

Twenty-seven and eight attended the 9 & 10am sessions, respectively. I had an incredibly fun time coaching! I led the groups though a 15-minute warmup, reviewed the requirements and demonstrated the movements, gave athletes time to determine weight for squat cleans, and then had everyone do 3 reps of box jumps, burpees, and squat cleans. It took athletes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete, and this allowed a 5-minute cool down.

That’s effective time management. Right?

Today’s shout outs go to Einar (strength), Ami (form), Matt (determination), and Jamie (cheerfulness). Oh, and Dave for his salute to the clock.


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