Push it. Push it good. Push it real good.


As he was departing, Daryl asked, “So, does this mean you’ve switched boxes?” “Yes,” I replied. I’m not, however, sure if he was happy, sad, or indifferent to my response. Ha!

Deedee led today’s session, and the focus was on the push press. The warm up consisted of arm swings, running 400m, shoulder pass throughs, kettle bell swings, and pushups. As I knew what was coming up, I should’ve spent time loosening up my wrists.

Push Press
5 @ 70% of 1RM, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1

Deedee did a nice job of reviewing proper form for the push press, and emphasized the importance of not push jerking. I asked permission to provide one other bit of advice, namely keeping the abs and ass tight. I said, “Imagine that you have a quarter between your butt cheeks. Just before dipping and driving, squeeze the quarter. If need be you can imagine it’s a fifty cent piece.”

I warmed up with the bar and then 75 and 95#. Yes, I recorded all sets. What would you expect? I completed 3 reps @ 100, 110, & 120, and then singles @ 130 & 145#. Upon completing I once again asked Deedee if I could say something to the group. She said, “Of course!” I said, “Body weight, bitches”, and we all had a laugh.

I was then far too aggressive in that I attempted a push press @ 160#, 5# above recently achieved 1RM. Fail. I lowered the weight to 155 and had 2 failed attempts. Once I’ve failed at a push press I have a very difficult time doing even one heavy push press. I’m all up inside my head, yo.

Deedee reviewed the conditioning and instructed us to set up our bars. I asked, “Do we do push presses from the floor or from the rack?” “From the floor,” she replied. I said, “It never hurts to ask.” I knew damn well that we’d clean the bar from the floor, by the way.

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes
10 push press, 75#
10 ball slams, 30#
1 burpee penalty for each rep not completed

I always enjoy this time of metcon, and today was no exception. As 75# is just a little more than half of my bodyweight, I knew that it was going to be challenging to do 10 unbroken push presses at that weight. Nonetheless, that was a goal. My other goals were to do all ball slams unbroken (not a very lofty goal) and to complete push press and ball slams within 40 seconds, i.e. 2 seconds/rep.

I did complete all rounds unbroken and within 40 seconds. I’m glad I did, as I needed the 20 seconds of rest.

About last night…

Kirk was kind enough to allow me to coach the 5, 6, & 7pm sessions last night. The evening got off to a rather rocky start as only 1 person attended the 5pm session and he was unable to complete the WOD due to illness. As I said to Kirk, “Things can only go uphill from here.” And they did. Five and 3 athletes attended the 6 & 7pm sessions, respectively. Having completed the WOD yesterday, I asked Kirk if I could do a different mobility session. In retrospect I should’ve allowed less time for mobility before the session – as I didn’t allow any time after the session. Dammit. Stretching is always important, particularly after a grueling session. I’m usually much better with planning and time management, Kirk, and rest assured that this won’t happen again. Okay? Okay.

The folks at CFBC have made me feel more than welcome, and I am very appreciative!


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