I had every intention of joining the Dream Team at 7am, but as I was awake at 4, I attended the 6am session instead. I arrived early and was welcomed by the awesomeness that is Nikki. She’s left-handed. I’m amphibious.

Nikki led us through a warm up that included 3 minutes of jumping rope. As I’m waiting for my replacement rope to arrive (no worries, Josh), I grabbed a rope, checked the length, and began. Fifty double unders right out of the gayte (<– spelling intentional). I rested a moment and then did 40. Huh? Shouldn’t my shoulders be sore? I finished with another 30.

As my shoulders were sore yesterday, 45 HSPUs were programmed. As my lower back was sore today (shitty dead-lift form will do that), we ran and did squat cleans. I just can’t seem to catch a break!

Cash in – run 800m
4 rounds:
6 squat cleans (115/155)
12 chest to bar pull-ups
Cash out – row 30 calories

I know I’m in trouble when 95# feels heavy. I did 5 or so reps at 95, a couple at 115 and then 135#, the weight I decided that I could successfully lift. Boy, was I wrong!

The 800m went well. I wasn’t, however, the first to complete the run, as I’m not going to race someone until the end. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

I missed my first squat clean attempt. I completed a squat clean. I missed another attempt. I completed a squat clean. I missed yet another attempt. I completed 2 squat cleans. I missed 2 attempts and decided that enough was enough. I stripped the bar of the 45# plates and replaced with 25+10# plates. Thanks for helping, Nikki! Even 115# felt heavy. I only missed 1 attempt during the last round. It wasn’t until then that I remembered to make sure I pushed back my hips. I blame Josh for not being there to remind me to do so. And Michael Kelley for not consistently reminding me to do so. I also blame the pilgrims. Mostly the pilgrims.

I completed chest to bar pull-ups in reps of 6 the first round and as many as 6 and as few as 1 for remaining rounds. More than anything, I didn’t want to have any failed attempts. I’d much rather drop from the bar and rest a moment than waste energy on a failed attempt.

I was the first to the rower, although it wasn’t a level playing field as Eric completed squat cleans Rx. I had rowed about 5 calories when Eric got on the rower beside me. Now it was a race! I had originally planned on rowing a calorie per stroke and keeping strokes per minutes in mid-20s. Eric is a very, very strong rower, so I knew I was going to have to push it if I were to keep him from catching and then passing me.

I finished in 15:30 and Eric finished mere seconds after. Nice work, young man!

As we had plenty of time left in the hour to cool down, I yogaed. (<– spelling intentional).

I was bound and determined to redeem myself, specifically in regard to HSPUs. I set up my iPad and recorded. I completed sets of 12, 9, 10, 8, and 6 reps. Do that math.

HSPUs felt easy today. Damn pilgrims.


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