Painfully Awesome

Last night I attended power yoga from 7:30 to 8:45pm, and it was painfully awesome. I also achieved a milestone in that I was able to bring both forearms to the floor when in the pigeon pose. As I told Heather, it may have taken me 12 deep breaths to get there, but I got there. Heather commented, “I’m glad you’re back, Paul. You’re so focused.”

I had planned on resting today, but as the day seemed relatively easy, I decided to attend the 6am session. That and I was awake at 4:30am as usual.

Kirk led the session, and the focus was on the front squat. Kirk first led us through a painfully awesome stretching/mobility session focusing on the hips and arms. (Do I enjoy things that are painfully awesome? That would explain my friendship with Michael Kelley.)

Front Squat
5 @ 70% of 1RM, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1

I set up a rack on the pull-up rig. As there are 5 platforms there are 9 available stations. As there were 8 in attendance everyone had her/his own rack. As the space is about 10K square feet, I had 1,250 square feet to myself.

I warmed up, and then recorded remaining sets. I completed 5 reps @ 155#, and I think/feel this was my first mistake. I’m still basing percentages on 220, but as I’ve only been able to complete 1 rep @ 205#, well, you see where I’m going with this. I didn’t realize that Kirk had been observing squats until after I completed set and reviewed recording. I said, “Kirk, I know that you saw my last set. Any feedback?” He replied, “They looked good. Your knees came in a little on the last rep.” I could feel my knees doing so; thus, his feedback was spot on. Thanks, Kirk! I next completed 3 reps @ 165, 175, & 185#. The weight was starting to feel heavy. I completed 1 rep @ 195#, and it felt relatively solid and looked good when I reviewed.

I then attempted current 1RM of 205, and failed. Kirk was kind enough to help me get the bar back on the rack and to provide encouragement during my next attempt. I had to fight for it, but I did once again manage 205#. I attempted 210#, and failed miserably. I attempted 210# once again, and failed miserably. It appears that 205# is indeed my 1RM!

Gymnastics skills
3 x max reps

I still have open sores on my wrists from doing muscle-ups this past Sunday. I bandaged and then taped wrists, and this helped somewhat. I completed 12, 6, & 5 reps. While I probably had enough strength to do more, I could tell that I had re-opened the skin on my wrists. Not painfully awesome.

Kirk invited me to guest coach a few evening sessions next or the following week. This will give him the opportunity to introduce me to the athletes and to also observe my coaching skills. I’m looking very forward to it! I’ll try not to disappoint you (or Josh, Deedee, and Nikki).


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