Holy – – – -!

What a great day! As I did yesterday, I’m composing the post as I’m sitting on our deck basking in the sun.

I arrived at CFD at 8:30, as I like to allow extra time to record the WOD on the whiteboard, put away any items that might have been left out (there is always at least one notebook left out), and allow extra time for stretching before I begin to work out.

As I rested Friday, I completed CFBC’s strength skill.

5 @ 70%, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1

After warming up, I completed 5 reps @ 235, about 70% of my 1RM of 335, and then 3 reps @ 265, 305, and 315#. Lifts felt, well, easy. My thoughts are italics and my spoken words are bold. Keep in mind that I was the only person in the box. Yes, I talk out loud.

As 335 is my current one rep max, I should attempt that. I’ll have two more lifts to establish a new one rep max. What the hell, why not put 340 on the bar? I can always decrease weight if need be. I very easily lifted 340. It felt less than 300 pounds. Holy shit! I smiled and giggled like a schoolboy. I already have a new PR. Instead of just putting 5 pounds on the bar, why not put 10? I can always decrease weight to 345 if need be. I lifted 350 with little difficulty. My legs didn’t even shake as they normally do during very heavy lifts. Where the hell did that come from? Okay, should I be conservative and just put 5 more pounds on the bar, or should I got for it and put 10 pounds on the bar? Given how easy that lift felt, I’m going to put 10 pounds on the bar. And that’s what I did. I did, however, fail at the first attempt if for no other reason than because I spent too much time standing over the bar and thinking about the lift. Michael Kelley would be disappointed in that lift. He’s fat. Attempt the lift again, only this time step up to the bar quickly, set your hands and back, and lift. And that’s exactly what I did. This was the first lift that felt challenging, and my legs did indeed shake. I didn’t, however, ever feel like I couldn’t complete the lift. Remember, you’re recording these lifts. Holy – – – -! I merely mouthed the word “shit”.

That’s a 25# PR, and 360 is 250% of my current bodyweight of 143#. Uhm, to say I was elated is an understatement. I posted an update to Facebook.

I coached the 10 and 11am sessions. Today’s schedule included a partner metcon, but Dave hadn’t included any strength or skill. I asked him what he’d like me to do, and he said anything I wanted – as long as it didn’t include heavy lifting. I considered working on rings or running, but then had the brilliant idea of including another metcon after the partner metcon. I won’t include the details of the partner metcon, but suffice it to say it was challenging. Folks then had 5 minutes to rest before completing the following metcon that I myself completed.

10-minute AMRAP
Dead-lift @ bodyweight (or heavier)
Jump over bar
Muscle-up, pull-up, or bar touch
Jump over bar

It wasn’t nearly as confusing as it sounds, I promise. I dead-lifted 145# and completed muscle-ups. Dave entered the box just as I was about to begin, as did a few others.

I forgot to tape my wrists. I should know better. After just 90 seconds of work, Dave and I had the following conversation. Keep in mind that I continued to work throughout our conversation.

Paul: I forgot to tape my wrists.
Dave: Let me get some wrist guards. (He kindly did so and placed them near the bar.)
Paul: Thanks, Dave. I’ll just finish the workout without taking time to put them on.
Dave: Okay.
Paul: So what if I tear my wrists? Maybe it’ll make a man out of me. Perhaps it might even make a straight man out of me.
Dave: (Chuckles and glances at the clock). Stranger things have happened in less than eight minutes.
Paul: Straight men do most things in far less than eight minutes.

I can do burpees, dead-lifts, bar jumps, and muscle-ups, and still be hilarious.

I completed 21 rounds + muscle-up, i.e., I was a burpee, dead-lift, and jump shy of 22 rounds.

Jeff and I had lunch at Bull City Brewery. No, I didn’t have a beer. As I was eating my fried pickles I glanced at Facebook and noticed that 15 people had liked my post – but not Michael Kelley. I was devastated. We exchanged sexts.

Me: Uhm, good morning BFF. U have anything 2 say 2 me?
Michael Kelley: Good morning. Uhm, hi.
Me: No congrats?
Michael Kelley: Did I miss something
Me: 360 dl
Michael Kelley: Holy shit. That’s awesome.
Me: You’ll get some credit on blog. I though of u.
Michael Kelley: Haha. Hopefully you don’t get weaker.
Me: I shan’t.

Rest assured, I shan’t.

I like that Michael Kelley said the same thing upon learning of my new one rep max as I did upon completing the lift. Perhaps that’s why we’re BFFs. Perhaps.


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