14 was NOT my lucky number today.

In discussions with my work team (Kate and Katherine), I insisted we agreed that my 3 best qualities are subtlety, modesty, and height.

Today was the perfect opportunity to determine if my left shoulder and bicep are indeed healed, as the WOD including muscle-ups and kettle bell snatches.

Deedee let today’s session, and we began with a brief warm up consisting of stretches, rowing, and pass throughs. Deedee asked me to demonstrate muscle-ups, and I was happy to show off do so.

Run 400m
5 rounds of the following:
3 muscle-ups
12 kettle bell snatches (52/35)
15 box jumps (24/20)

Run 400m

I wore (in addition to lululemon shorts and CFD shirt) 2XU compression socks. I love running, but I don’t enjoy running when it’s cold, you know, like when it’s 36 degrees. Just before we were to begin the first 400m run, I donned my Mizuno wool cap and Asics mittens. Even I admit that I was a humorous sight to behold; thus, we all chuckled. The clock counted down from ten and I took off running all pose-like and shit. I was the first to re-enter the box. I ditched my cap and mittens and moved to the rings.

I secured a false grip, swung my legs forward, kipped up… and lost control on the right side. I was so focused on securing my left shoulder that I forgot all about my poor right shoulder. I dropped from the rings and successfully did a muscle-up. Uhm, I once again lost control due to my right arm extending out and once again had to drop from the rings. Two failed attempts the first round! Fortunately, those were the only failed attempts, and I completed the remaining 4 rounds unbroken and with no difficulty.

I had warmed up KB snatches with the 35 and 44# KBs, and set both a 52 and 44# KB at my station. I hadn’t done KB snatches in a very long time. I went forth and back as to what weight to use and finally settled upon 44#, so as to not risk reinjuring my left shoulder. I sincerely believe this was the right decision. I completed all rounds unbroken, alternating arms. My form improved from round to round.

As I was using a mere 44# for snatches, I decided to jump 30” instead of 24”. I completed the first 3 rounds unbroken, although I missed a jump the 2nd round and really missed the 14th jump of the 3rd round. I’m glad I wore compression socks, as I could’ve been even worse. Nonetheless, the blood began to immediately seep through the sock. I paused briefly between the 10th and 11th rep of the 4th round and between the 8th and 9th rep of the last round.

I neglected to place my cap and/or mittens within easy reach, so I ran the final 400m with my head and hands uncovered. My head looked like the steam rising off of the reactor at the Shearon Harris nuclear power plant.

I completed the workout in 16:50.

I’m looking forward to a much-needed day of rest tomorrow!


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