I could see it in your eyes…

I am composing this blog at 7:30am as I am listening to Frank Ocean’s “Channel ORANGE”. I’ve already worked out at CFBC, dropped of the dry cleaning, purchased a bagel and cup of coffee at Bruegger’s, and begun my workday. I would typically be rushing home to shower at about this time. There’s something to be said about convenience. Just saying.

I watched the season 1 finale of Downton Abbey last night. What an incredible miniseries! Maggie Smith deserves every award and accolade she’s received. Just saying.

I once again arrived at CFBC at 5:40 this morning, and Kirk had already opened the box and written the WOD on the whiteboard. Having read the blog last night, I admit to being somewhat confused.

5 – 4 minute rounds
500m row
25 thrusters (45#)
15 pull-ups
AMRAP of shoulder to overhead (155#)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Score is total number of shoulder to overhead

Why the confusion? I thought 5 – 4 meant “5 to 4 rounds” instead of 5, 4-minute rounds”.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve contemplated not finishing a metcon, and today was one of those days. This was brutal.

Kirk first led us through a very good warm up, and then described the WOD. As there were 9 attendees and 8 rowers, we were divided into 2 groups, and I chose to go with the second group. I shared a rower with a young man with excellent rowing form. He completed all rounds in less than 2 minutes, but it was often a struggle for me to get on the rower, reposition the flex foot, and begin at the top of the minute. And that’s okay, as the few extra seconds of rest were very much needed.

I discussed my shoulder issues with Kirk, and he allowed me to do lifts from the rack instead of cleaning the bar from the floor. Thanks, Kirk! As the women’s prescribed weight was 105, I split the difference and lifted 125#. And that was heavy enough. Just saying.

I was only able to complete the first round with unbroken thrusters and pull-ups. I also managed to complete 6 split-jerks in 3 sets of 2 reps.

The second round didn’t go as well, and I completed thrusters in reps of 15 and 10 and pull-ups in reps of 10 and 5. I only managed 3 split-jerks, and all were singles.

The third round was painful. I completed thrusters in reps of 10, 5, 5, & 5, and pull-ups in reps of no more than 8 and as few as 2. I had just 5 seconds left on the clock after completing the last pull-up. As my rack was about 25m away, I didn’t have enough time to run to the rack and do a split jerk. That’s okay, since I didn’t much feeling like doing one anyhow. Kirk asked, “How many pull-ups did you get?” I said, “Fifteen.” As he could tell that I was struggling, he seemed somewhat surprised. I promise that I did complete all 15, Kirk. Promise.

Two minutes just wasn’t enough time to catch my breath and ready myself for the next round, and I seriously contemplated stopping after the third round.

For whatever reason, rowing was laborious today. I kept s/m at about 27 – 28, and rowed in about 1:47, 1:52, 1:55, & 1:58. Yes, I got slower each round. I had an intervention with myself during the last round, as I had a burning desire to stop rowing after having rowed just 250m. I closed my eyes and counted strokes. I couldn’t bring myself to even look at the monitor.

I completed the last round of thrusters in reps of 5 and pull-ups in reps of no more than 5 and as few as 1, that being the very last pull-up. I once again had 5 seconds left on the clock. I once again didn’t much care to do a split jerk.

Thus, my score was a measly 9 shoulder to overhead with a meager 125#.

Kirk asked my reasons for attending CFBC this week, and I assured him that it was not because I’ve had a falling out with Michael Kelley. Kirk and I both agree that it’s good to get feedback from a variety of coaches, as each and every good coach has a different perspective. Kirk, Josh, and Michael Kelley are all very good coaches!

“Kirk,” I said, “it’s been a long time since I’ve contemplated not finishing a WOD. Today was just such a day.” Kirk replied, “I could see it in your eyes just before the start of the last round.” Either you’re perceptive and/or I wear my emotions on my sleeve, Kirk.



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