Back to Basics

Sunday is often a rest day, but as I didn’t work out Thursday and Friday due to illness, I did indeed work out at CFD today. And it was good. Construction at the box is moving along nicely, and the space seems twice as large.

I arrived at 8:40, and had the box to myself.

I contemplated doing today’s scheduled WOD, but even I think two hero WODs back-to-back is not a very good idea. I also felt very tight in my upper body and arms, which is never a good sign. I decided to spend the time working on weaknesses.

100 hang power cleans + push jerks

As the focus was on form, I did the first 75 reps with just 75#. For the first 75 reps I did sets not for a specific number of reps, but until I felt like my form might suffer. I completed in reps of between 8 and 11. I recorded all sets, and immediately reviewed – using this as my rest time. I was pleased that my form improved. Specifically, for the hang power cleans I got much better at pushing my hips back and dropping under the bar as I simultaneously pushed up my elbows. For the push jerks I got much better at locking out my elbows as I simultaneously pushed back my hips and landed with bent knees.

I increased the weight to 80# for reps 76 – 80, and in 5# increments for remaining sets of 5; thus, last set was at 105#.

Even though I didn’t complete reps for time, it still felt like I did a metcon. Resting just long enough to review previous sets was a good idea, as it felt like just the right amount of time.

I had much fun coaching the 10 and 11am sessions at CFD this morning, as I got to coach Amy, Sandra, Lindsay, Chris, Kate, Lexy, and Murphie (among many others)! Chris and Brad, in town for Jersey Boys at DPAC, attended the 11am session, as did Sarah, an athlete I’ve seen at the box but never coached. She said, “I’m the kind of person who likes a lot of feedback on my form.” I laughed out loud and said, “You won’t need to worry about not receiving feedback from me.” After the workout she smiled and said, “I had two firsts today: I lifted the heaviest weight for the push jerks and I swore during a WOD.” I made her add weight to the bar; thus, I don’t know whether or not she was swearing at me. She later asked me if I was also a yoga instructor. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Dave, I know you read this. So that you hear it from me first, please note that both sessions consisted of a warm-up, review of “DT” including warming up dead-lifts, hang power cleans, and push jerks, “DT”, kipping handstand pushup practice, and a cool-down. Am I fired? You can, as I clearly demonstrated insubordination. In my defense, quite a few people got their very first kipping handstand pushups.


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