You’re very welcome.

(The title refers to a “Thanks for that” comment I received this morning.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “blech” and 10 being “fabulous”, I woke up this morning feeling like a 2.75. I sincerely hope that I’m not coming down with something. I was up until rather late last night reading “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”, my body is adjusting to re-introducing yoga into my workout routine, and the colder it gets the closer Meg and Zac like to sleep pressed against me, particularly in the area of my junk. Yes, my junk.

I had no interest in doing today’s WOD, but as I was wide awake at 4:30 I went anyhow, stopping on my way at Dunkin’ Donuts to get a large cup of coffee with extra cream. I did, however, take “The Girl…” with me, and as others were warming up solo and then as a group, I read the very last pages. I’m kind of sad that I’ve finished the last book in the trilogy. All three books have been wonderful, and I’m going to miss Lisbeth.

I had decided that if more than 10 people attended the session that I would not do “Diane”. Guess what? It was once again a cluster f@ck.

Today’s strength was 3 reps of bench press. Michael Kelley counted how many people were there and said, “Since there are five benches, let’s have the men use two benches and the ladies use the other three.” I detest when anyone refers to males and females and men and ladies, as the terms are not parallel. “Women and men” or “ladies and gentlemen” are appropriate. I also detest the bench press, and it’s my least favorite lift. I rowed 2k instead.

As I was rowing, Michael Kelley approached and asked, “Are you rowing because your shoulder hurts?” I glared at him as I continued to row. “Oh,” he said, “I know why you’re rowing.” I rowed 2K in 8:06, averaging 2:01.5/500m and a mere 23 s/m.

Michael Kelley asked, “Are you going to do ‘Diane’?” Uhm, that’d be a “no”. I set up the bench and warmed up the press. I completed 3 reps @ 115, 135, 145, & 155, just 5# shy of 1RM. I then did singles at 160 and 165#, a new 1RM. Not very heavy, but as I didn’t have a spotter I didn’t want to attempt much more than that. I know that many people can bench press much more than that, and I don’t really care. Keep in mind that 165 is 113% of my bodyweight.

I practiced front squats at 135#, and then finished the morning with weighted pushups with a 25# plate on my back. I did reps of 20, 15, & 10.

I didn’t break a sweat all morning.

Michael Kelley asked, “What did New York do to you?” “What do you mean?” I asked. He replied, “You’re different.” I keep having to reassure Michael Kelley that I’m not upset with him. “I would like to take a two-month break from coaching at CFZ, though,” I said. He stated, “That’s not gonna happen.” Uhm, you’re not the boss of me, Michael Kelley. Well, you kind of are, but not really.

Here are the reasons that I want to take a break from coaching at CFZ:
1. Just because I have a level 1 cert doesn’t mean that I’m really qualified to coach this shit. I am much more qualified to coaching running and endurance, and perhaps should do that instead.
2. As I truly enjoy coaching at CFD on Sundays – and for just two hours – it would be nice to have part of my Saturday morning back.
3. I’m not a very good cheerleader, and some people would rather be cheered on than coached.
4. Perhaps most importantly, I don’t like coaching anyone who has no interest in being coached. What’s the point? Yes, I know that I often do my own thing at CFZ, but Michael Kelley knows that I heavily rely upon him for coaching. While I may record and review lifts, and often also review them with him. I ask him questions, and I generally listen to his feedback. I trust him.

I’ll stop there for the time being.

On a related topic, I dislike being around consistently negative people. We all have our good and bad days and our ups and downs, me included. I also dislike people who set themselves up for failure. If there is a time limit and you are unable to complete the required reps at the prescribed weight and/or without scaling the movement (e.g., using bands, Abmats, a box), then use a lighter weight and/or scale the movement. It’s that simple. Don’t exhaust yourself attempting to lift a weight you can’t handle or attempting to complete a skill that you can’t do for the requisite number of reps. Again, it’s that simple. And don’t waste your time staring at the weights, hanging your head, and sulking.

Regardless of whether I’m coaching or merely participating, I find this behavior annoying, and I have an overwhelming desire to remove myself from the environment as quickly as possible. I even considered doing so this morning, and I was neither a coach nor a participant.

As an aside to the aside, I don’t much care for sandbaggers either. That’s a topic for another day.

I’m getting bored with CrossFit, with the programming, and with the routine of it all. That’s one of the reasons that I’ve taken up yoga once again. It’s also a reason why I’m considering taking off a week or two from CrossFit altogether. I’ve done this in the past.

Bull City Running announced that registration for the Uwharrie Mountain Run 40-, 20-, and 8-mile races will be opening soon. I thought, I could run 20 miles tomorrow with no fear or worry. I can’t, however, say the same thing about the upcoming Fitness Challenge.

I shared my thoughts with Michael Kelley this afternoon, and after lengthy discussions we’ve arrived at a compromise solution: I shall continue to coach the Friday @ 6am and Saturday @ 8am sessions (until a replacement can be found) as well as oversee open gym Thursday @ 6am. This Saturday will be the very last time ever that I coach the Community WOD. I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. This means that I’ll be able to work out Saturday mornings before coaching and be home by 9:30.

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